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Nigel Evans:
Excellent thread. I've always considered the Plane2 photo (if real) to be pointing west or north west.
But do these shrubs grow so high there?


--- Quote from: Teddy on May 28, 2020, 09:41:36 AM ---None of this is a full shot or in order. These are very small fragments of a film roll that is horribly damaged. Maybe only the "three heads" is a little closer to a full shot but nobody knows if it is first in the roll.
Scroll to the point where it says:
"Please note that the images above, besides the first frame, are very small fragments of the actual photo. You can scale by the procket holes visible on scans 2 and 6."

--- End quote ---
Who has the original film then ?


--- Quote from: alecsandros on May 28, 2020, 10:32:16 AM ---Who has the original film then ?

--- End quote ---

There is no chain of custody for the films of Dyatlov group in general. On this page when you click on the links in the bullets, you will see the films that are available.
I am more interested in where did these come from. No one has seen the negatives.

As for the Zolotaryov's camera: Valentin Yakimenko, who was a fellow student to the Dyatlov group and a member of the rescue team, presented the scans of Zolotaryov camera, no negatives, for first time in 2015 at the annual Dyatlov Conference in UPI now Ural Federal University .

I have wondered if the photo of Simon was staged.  If the bodies had thawed out pretty much by the time that they were pulled out of the creek,then Simon could not have been holding a pen(cil) and notebook. They certainly would have fallen away upon removal. I have heard some say that they were thawed out because how could rodents, etc. have eaten away so much of the faces if they were frozen solid.  Also, how could Simon have held a pen(cil) to write, when his hands were surely (almost) frozen?  If they died in the den and were  washed to where they were found, how is it Simon didn't lose it at that time?

I have been outside for 30 minutes or a little less with bare hands, when it was well below zero, and within that time my hands would get so cold I couldn't use them to even open a door.  Someone else had to do it for me.  So how could Simon have held a pen(cil), and maybe wrote with it? afraid7 afraid7

Nigel Evans:
That's what the den (a snow cave) was for. It's purpose is to trap body heat and remove co2. Nicolai was found with his gloves in his pocket.


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