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Interesting idea.

Are there any known instances of similar elk attacks?

The lack of traces is a problem for all the animal theories. I think I see what you mean on the image (although I cannot say whether it is an elk). What puzzles me is that the Mansi searchers have not have identified such traces. They should have been highly qualified, and the result would have relieved their people of any suspicion.

Check this video (for example).

I do not say that the Dyatlavov pass was been killed by elk. No. (Excluding Dubininova and secondone with head wound, both of them  will probably died in all way after this meeting with elk/elks).

I just think that the elk/elks were the reason why the Dyatlavov pass frozen.

If exists some Picture of Dyatlavovs line formation prints, than I can make analyzation (description) of their movement, but I have not found usable Picture.

The Picture with footprints above just confirms to me, that the person really went without shoes without bergen. If the print in blue area on right is really elks (and Im starting to be sure it is really elks footprints) than the right elk footprint is less than 30cm next of human footprint. This confirms me of very close attack.

According Mansis skills with tracking - yes I think I know what you mean.

The problem is that they did not know all the informations which we know today after 60 years. They did not know the body dissect reports, etc. They were in terain and they just saw a dressed frozen bodies. They "just" saw the scenarary. They probalby had not time to analyze their recognitions with official investigators.

I also doubt that some of investigate officiers take not them seriously. In my opinion the investigators considered  Mansijs as some crazy bushers.

Mansijs probably are very good scouts, but this is a little bit more than tracking. Its about informations and personal inteligence. Im sure they could recognize elks footprints at place, or any place, but a lot of people will say that it can be printed week ago, 5 days ago, 4 days ago....

To recognize the footprints older than 48 hours you will have to lead a notes of weather for each day till you need to recognize. Because after 48 hours a lot of peaople cannot remeber what was the weather later.


Here is my point of view. Against this theory (and any animals) says

- the lack of animal traces in the snow, on the tent and on the bodies
- chocolate and a large piece of pork have remained intact in the tent.


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