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No..  I think they received rye bread from the loggers likely with no ill intentions.  It would be an unintentional​ accident.

Who were the loggers, again?  At what point would the hikers have received the contaminated rye? 

For some reason, I was thinking it was while Yudin was still there.  If so, it's curious that every single one of them would be poisoned to the point of psychosis, but no sign of poisoning with Yudin.

I may be wrong about ergot poisoning, but I got the impression that the serious mental symptoms were not immediate, and that the poison could affect different people differently.  It would be exceedingly unusual, I think, for ergot poison to cause them all to begin hallucinating at the same time.

That's really the main place, I think, where the infrasound theory falls apart, too: they would all have to be affected in the same way at the same time to nearly the same extent. 

If it were just a couple of campers, I could be more easily swayed.

Ill have to double check when they were at the loggers camp and if Yuri was there. Regardless, who is to say he didn't eat the bread, OR he just happened to not get a tainted portion?

I wouldn't expect them to all have the same reaction if dosing variations existed, body mass variables, and its very possible not 'all' the bread was tainted.  All it takes is for one or two nuts in the group to set off a very bad chain reaction of events.   

Ergot when ground produces a reddish powder which, if we are dealing with dark rye, could very easily be missed. The thing is... ergotism can produce two different results: convulsive or gangrenous.

Signs/Symptoms of convulsive ergotism: nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, mania, psychosis, itching, diarrhea, painful spasms, seizures

Signs/Symptoms of gangrenous ergotism: swelling (edema), sloughing of layers of skin (desquamation), loss of sensation in the extremities as the distal pulses halt, necrosis (tissue death)

Wasn't there evidence that Igor was vomiting blood on the slope? I believe though that's also a sign of hypothermia (hemorrhagic emesis)

Surely poisoning is one of the least feasible explanations.


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