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He could also be lying on his side with his head on his arm.. But that  gives the same problems . And that the object could be larger..or

Nooo that cant be right...  his head has a sharp injury.. His arm wouldn't cave his head in.. turn his skull into rice krispies..

Maybe they DID move the tent..

There is no camp fire at the tent, that I know of.. How did they eat dinner? Any food they carried would have been frozen solid.

Wouldnt it?

Yes just started a thread about that a few days ago... there was half-eaten pork loin found in the tent and somehow they must have defrosted it. Campfire or stove, neither was used on the slope, so either some other method (Jean Daniel Reuss has an idea here: ), or the tent wasn't originally on the slope, which I'm still reluctant to accept but maybe....

Possibly... but its just a guess.. Might also  have been  warmers for hands  and feet etc..

But there  is  the footprints info too..

Why didnt Zena et al., retrace their own footprints back to the tent.. Maybe because they didnt make them.

Might also be something like this too


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