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Jean Daniel Reuss:

--- Quote from: Ziljoe on June 30, 2022, 04:05:31 PM ---                     Reply #4
Do you think the Kremlin coverd up the murders to dilute the power of these mafia groups?

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Yes, that is about it, the cover-up by the central government in Moscow was intended to :
1) - to weaken the small Vizhay mafia ;
2) - but also to conceal from the eyes of all, and also from the foreign special services, the shameful failure of the KGB which had revealed itself incapable of protecting the precious lives of the nine hickers.

What I call the Vizhay-Ivdel mafia is perhaps not a mafia in the strict sense. It would be rather a proto mafia or a mafia in development.
In short, a gatheringp of people engaged in illicit activities - several commentators mention gold trafficking.

Charles  has just provided some excellent general links on this topic.

I will soon be continuing in :
    Victims --> Lyudmila Dubinina --> Lyudmila Dubinina's premonition of her tragic death


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