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"There was no snowstorm": New investigation conclusions on the weather the night

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Per Inge Oestmoen:

--- Quote from: Teddy on September 07, 2020, 03:47:54 AM ---In 1959, investigators closed the criminal case with a strange wording: "The cause of death of hikers was a overwhelming force, which they were unable to overcome." No one ventured to explain what kind of "overwhelming force".

--- End quote ---

That sounds like aesopean language.

Did these investigators intend to say something they could under no circumstances state openly? Something that might cause some "natural deaths" or "accidents" if it was divulged?

In the Soviet Union, there was an overwhelming and ubiquitous force. It was the most elite, competent, skilled and merciless intelligence and security agency in all of human history - Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti.

The Soviet authorities evidently knew of the death of the nine on February 6th, twenty days before the first bodies were found and many days before anyone in Sverdlovsk or Ivdel had any reason to infer that something had happened to the students. This we know from a document dated from February sixth, later explained away by the not very credible assertion that is was an error.

On February 6, preparations for an investigation were put down in writing if the date was indeed correct. We have no reason to doubt that it was. To prepare for an investigation normally takes some days. That means that they would have known about the death of the students some days before the sixth of February.

- The students were killed on the night of February 2.

There was no snowstorm, but the government has claimed that it was: https://dyatlovpass.com/investigation-materials-2?rbid=18461

Lastly, the criminal investigation was cut short: https://dyatlovpass.com/investigation-materials-3

The cover-up is so obvious that no thinking person should fail to draw the more than likely conclusion: The students became witnesses to something they were not supposed to know, and had to pay with their lives for that. Because what they knew made them a potential threat to state security.

Jean Daniel Reuss:

Dear Per Inge Oestmoen

I agree with much of your post Reply #20

But not on the involvement of the KGB.
Besides, IMHO there was nothing important to observe on the slope of Kholat Syakhl.

I was influenced by the arguments of Aleks Kandr

The DPI is one consequence of the purging of the irrecoverable stalinists officers of the NKVD (in charge of the guarding of the Gulag camps) by the KGB during the Khrushchev Thaw (1953-1964).

The DPI was a warning message from the Stalinist opposition intended for the Kremlin, so there was no need to stage a false appearance at the scene (ie Kholat Syakhl) of the massacre.

And rather an idea from Eduard Tumanov:
The systematic extermination of the 9 hikers was carried out without firearm but with blunt objects (big stick) and a small knife.

Vladimir Askenadzi had said at the end of this article:

 «...I don’t know who or why they were murdered. But this seems to me the only explanation of their death.»

Me too, "I thought a lot about this" (sic Askenadzi) and I slowly came to a criminological theory (more rigorously an explanatory hypothesis) which is able to answer easily to :
WHO ?  -  WHY ?  -  HOW  ?   
This theory was naturally formed by gathering the individual contributions of 3 main authors who are : Eduard Tumanov, Per Inge Oestmoen, Aleks Kandr.

 Therefore, in recognition and in tribute to its 3 main pillars or founding fathers, I have chosen the name of TOK theory.

TOK theory = Eduard Tumanov + Per Inge Oestmoen + Aleks Kandr =  murder or relentless "Altercation on the pass"
I beg you to grant me the favor of using your name in this way.

(As I do not know how to contact Eduard Tumanov and Aleks Kandr, I did not ask them ! ).


What do you think of the arguments of Lupos (Günter Wolf) in favour of a snowstorm ?

Lupos' full article :


But, anyway, my point of view is, Snowstorm ---> Wind : 35 m/s and Temperature -50 °C (for example),
or NO Snowstorm ---> Wind : 3 m/s and Temperature : -5 °C (for example).

This does not change the result  :
The nine hikers had to be exterminated and were exterminated by the attackers (probably only 3), trained (in hand-to-hand night combat) and above all determined (to leave no survivors).


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