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April 26, 2019, 11:14:12 AM
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February 26, 2020, 02:51:47 PM
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Jean Daniel Reuss

Did they reach the summit in 1924 ? (They would had recklessly taken too many risks and died on the way down...).
              The mystery remains.

Mallory's daughter said that Mallory carried a photograph of his wife on his person with the intention of leaving it on the summit. This photograph was not found on Mallory's body.

   See for instance :

   Do not forget to read the article talks, because for tricky, sticky, sensitive subjects it is often instructive !
Jean Daniel Reuss

Rational guidance =

• There is nothing supernatural and mysterious about the injuries suffered by the Dyatlov group. They are all consistent with an attack by a group of professional killers who wanted to take the lives of the nine  [Per Inge Oestmoen].

• Now let us search for answers to: WHO ? WHY ? HOW ?

• The scenario must be consistent with the historical, political and psychological  contexts.

• The solution takes in consideration all known findings.