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Inspection Of The Tent

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Wish I could read Russian...some of those cuts look to be going inward, not outward. Hard to say what occurred on the inside or outside the tent.

If the stove was to be used, where would it draw air from? Surely not through a tied closed tent flap and surely not through an opened tent flap. The tent,  like the skis were items checked out by the club upon approval. Yet this tent had a hole cut in it for a stove chimney according to a photo. What gave the hkers the right to cut holes in a shared piece of club property in the first place? Was there not a bit of an arguement about who was to sew up a tear in that same canvas tent? Did Igor really have to stuff a jacket into a hole? What responsible leader is going to have a shelter that is not sound, especially since he invented his tent stove in the first place? Was this treatment of the tent just a way of the hikers thumbing their noses at the system? I recall that at least one member was a Soviet idealist.


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