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On the website, there is an interesting theory involving methanol poisoning from the stove fuel when someone mixed it in with the food or drink. This would have resulting in blindness, causing panic. The hikers seek to escape the tent knowing something inside the tent is responsible. They have to walk down because they can't see. Only after reaching the forest would some of them realize what happened.

It's interesting because blindness might explain why they cut their way out of tent, didn't grab all their cloths and shoes, and ended up in three groups, with the third group individually separated. Climbing the tree happened when the group confronts the responsible party, who tries to escape being attacked, but another person climbs after and pulls him down. This could explain some evidence of a fight.

I've never seen this mentioned elsewhere, so just wondering what people think of it.

I personally think it's a massive stretch. I think this group of mountaineers were dead exhausted from the ascent. I think they were all satisfied to put the tent up wherever, grab a quick bite, and fall out. I am very much against any of the intoxication theories for that matter. I think the end goal of getting their master certification by reaching Otorten was just too important to them all. They were happy just to be in the wild away from the hardships of regime life.

The methanol theory from what I have read doesnt have anything to do with consumption.  It has to do with the fact oil drilling operations in the area use this substance to keep the well from freezing up in winter. The methanol in question was transported to the drilling locations via helicopter swinging on a tether. From what I remember, the very helicopter used in the rescue effort came from this attachment of methanol air lifting helicopters.  They also frequently had issues during transport and were instructed to ditch the cargo in these situations.

It kinda makes you wonder why Yuri had burns on his lower leg.  Did he stick his leg into a burning fire simply because he was cold, or was his lower clothing saturated with a flammable substance. Also makes you wonder that if the latter is true, it would explain why the small fire never became a bigger fire which could have saved their lives.  Have you guys/gals ever wondered why the fire was so minuscule?  If my pants are saturated with a percentage of methanol, you could imagine my surprise when the fire jumps to my leg.   whacky1 

Add all that to the fact the victims aortas were like three times normal size.....  you might have a methanol poisoning simply from breathing and tracking through the stuff.

Great Thread!    vroom1

Ah yes yes....     here we go.    Everything you can know about methanol and the DPI.

Read all 7 pages.... get some coffee.   thumb1

Loose Cannon, where did you see that their aortas were enlarged? All that I can find is that Dyatlov and Doroshenko had "expanded" aortas and that Kolevatov, Thibeaux-Brignolle, and Zolotaryov had "a slight thickening" in the aortas. We know that Kolevatov liked smoking, and that he wasn't the only smoker in the group, so that's another factor to consider when looking at the autopsies.


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