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While it’s certainly possible for these hikers to be poisoned by many things, Russia religously kept contamination close to the vest. Certainly a canteen fill up at the wrong stream could make them head for the hills, however I don’t see how they would deliberately be poisoned, can’t figure why...

You don't think poisoning could have taken place by accident?

Oh of course they could’ve been accidentally poisoned a dozen ways, no doubt. I just don’t have a motive yet for someone to cause their being poisoned!  Like loggers, mansi, villain in the group..... drool1

No, me either.  But Rye Bread being ergot tainted in backwoods 1950s russian is a reality.  They had 3 to 4 bags of 'biscuts', AND they were scattered all over the tent making me think they had a metric crap-ton of 'biscuts'. They are also photographs of them eating them when leaving the loggers.  These loggers Don't see outsiders very much and are very self sustaining. They would stretch out their supplies and likely risk a little ergot from damp storage.....  I almost guarantee you all that bread was given to them (with good intentions?) by the loggers, and that it was indeed rye bread. 

Hmm, I confess it’s a possibility, tainted food, the sour stomach smell and so forth....

However, If the hikers told them something that seemed of a suspicious nature to them I think they’d have turned them into authorities, rather then attack them knowingly feeding poisoned bread.


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