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--- Quote from: CyberShell on June 03, 2018, 08:12:48 AM ---You Forgot To An Article On Her.

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Are you really 14? You joined the forum on May 22.
How can you possibly know that I forgot her birthday?

Her birthday was on the day she was buried, and I was so busy with the funerals that missed to commemorate her life.

I remembered just yesterday and I am brooding on the fact that we know these young people only because of the way they died and their life is only complimentary knowledge to their deaths.

And I am talking about Tibo now only because I thought his DOB is June 5th till I read today that is July 5th. There is another controversy about that too.


--- Quote ---Are you really 14
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Yes, i am 14


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--- Quote ---How can you possibly know that I forgot her birthday?

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Because, you would usually update the hikers pages on their birthdays and i thought it was weird that you didn't update Lyudmila's page.So Apology's  thumb1 

Smart kid.    grin1


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