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Tibo broken wings - part II

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--- Quote from: CalzagheChick on July 11, 2018, 08:02:32 AM ---When were the graves changed from the traditional Soviet obelisk markers to the concrete slab?

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I ask excuse me  that I cannot quickly answer to asked questions. I have no possibility often to read  forum and answer questions.

In addition I can tell, that construction by plates (as is in photo) has been made already in 2000th years. With the big help of trade union and club travellers of university UPI, which now refers to
UrFU (the Ural federal university) -  https: // .  In new association have come: except for UPI is as well - Sverdlovsk state university (humanitarian), Sverdlovsk medical university and Sverdlovsk mining university.
Before time tombs changed in construction of gravestones.
Obelisks were only right at the beginning, approximately in 1959 - 198Х (?). After that there were stones, only more simple – from concrete with a small marmoreal plate. Photos at me are not present.

P. S. I wanted answer question about the letter to Putin for a long time already, however I do not have possibility accurately formulate this question essence. I seldom have access to the computer and archive now. I can answer as soon as it will be possible.


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