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В этой истории участвуют три Золотарёва.Всем известный:Семён Алексеевич-учитель физкультуры из г.Лермонтов.Его родной брат Саша,который учился с ним в одном ВУЗе(Минский институт физической культуры) и в одно время,и пока совершенно неизвестный и отмеченный на коллективном памятнике-А.И.Золатарев.Единственное,что можно сказать о последнем-это то,что именно он вошёл в группу Игоря Дятлова и дошёл в составе группы до г.1079,но на Отортен не пошёл.

Three Zolotarevs participate in this story. Well-known: Semyon Alekseevich, a physical education teacher from the city of Lermontov. His own brother Sasha, who studied with him at the same university (Minsk Institute of Physical Culture) and at the same time, and so far completely unknown and marked on collective monument - A.I. Zolatarev. The only thing that can be said about the latter is that it was he who entered the group of Igor Dyatlov and reached the group in the city until 1079, but did not go to Otorten.


               February 03, 1959 - Tuesday.
   On the tops of the mountains, in anticipation of a “space gift for the congress,” there were tents of five groups - two military and three tourist, leaders who were people named Dyatlov:
on the town of Otorten (eastern slope) - Kazan, Lev Mikhailovich Dyatlov;
on g. 880-Perm, Woodpeckers;
on the town of Otorten (eastern slope) - Sverdlovskaya, Igor Dyatlov;
on g. 1079 a group of military filmmakers;
on the top next to the warehouse - the second group of soldiers.
An air explosion and all the tents were covered, somehow, with a chemical composition. The reaction of people, everywhere, was the same: slopes of tents were cut and, who in what, went down the slopes. Having breathed chemical dust and poisoned, people went mad and scattered in different directions, and then: they died. It is poisoning that is the main cause of the mass death of 5 groups, and the frost only “completed” the started OM (poisonous substance) ...

Alexander ARKHIPOV
“AiF-Ural” No. 2.3, 2004)

“... IN the SECOND half of February 1959, a UPI representative by the name of Gordo came to our air squad and reluctantly said that a group of students didn’t get in touch with Ivdel’s area, it would not hurt to organize searches .. . ”

... and there was no one to get in touch.

Shumkov’s group in the morning, February 3, 1959, was supposed to (like all other groups) set up a tent on the top of Chistop. But having heard, and possibly seen an air explosion, the group canceled the climb and rushed back to 41 quarters. Arriving there on the evening of February 5, they heard from drunken lumberjacks: "... But we did not wait for you ..."
Since the 41st quarter, the lumberjacks have been involved in the construction of an intermediate camp near Ushma for the delivery of corpses and paid with alcohol. It was there that the lumberjacks learned that tourist groups had died and thought that Shumkov’s group had also died.
In the morning, February 6, 1959, Shumkov’s group was removed from the route, and its leader, Anatoly Shumkov, went to an intermediate camp near Ushma, where he helped the military, for two or three days, as an orderly, carry the bodies of tourists brought from the mountains.
(Sheet 284 Witness Interrogation Protocol
April 14, 1959. The prosecutor of the investigative department of the region. prosecutors Romanov questioned in the prosecutor's office as a witness, in compliance with Art. Art. 162 - 168 Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR
1. Surname, name and patronymic Dubinin Alexander Nikolaevich)

"... statements of the head. the administrative department of the Regional Committee of the CPSU, comrade Ermash, made to the sister of the deceased, comrade Kolevatova, that the rest, 4 people not found right now, could survive after the death of those found no more than 1.5 - 2 hours, which makes you think that ??? The sudden escape from the tent occurred as a result of the explosion of a projectile and radiation near Mount 1079, the “filling” of which forced (there were some from the physical and technical faculty) to flee further from it and, presumably, influenced people's livelihoods and, in particular, their eyesight. ??? ... "

... Why only 1.5-2 hours, but not more?

© NGO "INTERNET CENTER of the Dyatlovtsev tragedy", 2008
The text of the conversation "CENTER for Civil Investigation of the Dyatlovtsev Tragedy" (NAVIG,
ALATAO), with Novokreschenov Gergiy Vasilievich, in the text of the NGV, (former judge
Ivdel in 1959) in the case of Dyatlovtsev Aug 09. 2008, Ekaterinburg.
The text is compiled from the video of the conversation.
Sound recording copyright and this text have :.
CENTER for civil investigation of the tragedy of Dyatlovtsev, Novokreschenov G.V.
The text is recorded and edited by ALATAO, NAVIG.
When quoting a link is required.
The use of text or video recordings in full without the permission of the authors
“... NAVIG: The body?
NGV: "... rose, moved northward, increasing in size to the moon and
hid in the direction of the North, decreasing in size to a star. "This, of course, something stirred in the minds, where did the Moon come from, then the prosecutor was Vasiliy Tempalov who was present at the examination of this tent, and in general he took part in the overflights in a helicopter of this area, he says: “What can I say, tat rockets fell, around the crater, I’m an artilleryman.” He’s a front-line soldier, commander ... of a battery, 76 mm battery, he is awarded an order.
NAVIG: In what part did he see the craters during the flyby?
NG: In the same locality, at the same time, on the same days.
NAVIG: There is no such information anywhere ..
NGV: He said: “There are funnels, I’m an artilleryman, I don’t know what?” Vasily
Ivanovich Tempalov, the prosecutor, said. This, too, gave a definite look at this event.
It is clear there the explosion of a large or small rocket, where directed, whether it reached the target, of course, a test, not the enemies ... "

... From where on the slopes of the mountains funnels? Missiles or ...?


Recall this: ... # msg740002
"Natalya Varsegova
Questions by Natalya Varsegova (discussion remains on the topic of KP)
"Reply # 62: 11/27/18 21:32"

Quote: Vasya - 11/27/18 21:15
And in the paper of the city committee is the name of the brother who served the Germans indicated?

It changes a lot.

And why did everyone decide (including the Gradient) that we are talking about Brother Kolya (Nikolai)?
Maybe there was still some brother Semyon, still unknown, and his name was for example: Alexander (Sasha) Alekseevich Zolotarev ...- twin brother. And the evening, and everything further, immediately becomes more interesting, because of the options that appeared or combinations.

- - - -To be continued...


Let's do it firsthand:
Natalya Varsegova
Questions by Natalya Varsegova (discussion remains on the topic of KP)
"Reply # 62: 11/27/18 21:32"
Quote Thank you
Quote: Vasya - 11/27/18 21:15
And in the paper of the city committee is the name of the brother who served the Germans indicated?

It was November 27, 2018, and this, already, June 25, 2019. Seven months passed and ...:
Natalya Varsegova
Questions by Natalya Varsegova (discussion remains on the topic of KP)
"Answer # 252: 06/25/19 14:52"
Quote: Dmitry Karjagin - 05/26/19 10:47 p.m.
Natalia, do you intend to continue to refrain from making public copies of the protocols of party meetings at which Semen Zolotarev’s actions were discussed? Last time, you argued your position by reluctance to compromise the identity of this person. All the same, this approach is puzzling. It seems like, the opinions of party functionaries of the 40-50s are now undeniably infallible are not considered. Whatever they say about S.Z. , these are their opinions, expressed on paper, and not the ultimate truth. No one will agree with them, much less accept on faith, and will not think. But as a document by which one can judge in general about the background of events at the Pass, it is very interesting and valuable. I'm not talking about the fact that Zolotarev goes a lot of fabrications just from scratch. I don’t understand how such things can be kept under wraps if there is a shortage of any information.
Your post is N 9389.
Let's put the question differently: do relatives want publicity? We found confirmation of information about Nikolai from the protocol of the party meeting. We know when he was born, when he died. And because of what he died. But let this information remain with relatives. If they want it, they themselves will announce it. This has nothing to do with the mystery of the pass.

Because: "... We found confirmation of information about Nikolai from the protocol of the party meeting ... We know when he was born, when he died. And because of what he died. But let this information remain with relatives ..." - that is: the date of death We can’t wait for Nikolai Alekseevich Zolotarev, we have every right to fantasize on very “specific” material from those same “Komsomol members” with the addition of other sources.
So, let's go:
2016-08-24T02: 37: 41 + 03: 00
Secret informants: Was one of the tourists an enemy agent?
On February 12, 1959, a message was received from the owner of I / K “B” that on January 20 a neighbor living opposite O / to the appearance of two extraneous men whom “B” had not seen before ...

Recall this:
"Sogrin S.N.
“Answer # 8: 06/14/13 1:18 PM”
 Once, in the midst of preparing for our trip to the Polar Urals, a middle-aged man approached me and said that his name was Semyon Zolotarev. He is a professional tourism instructor and works at the VTsSPS camp sites. Mentioned Krasnaya Polyana in the Caucasus, where then one of the best camp sites functioned. Since he needed sports training to work in the field of planned tourism, he was advised to contact me to participate in a campaign of difficulty category III, which would give him the opportunity to arrange another sports title.
  Being a sociable and energetic person, Semyon was accepted into our team. I invited him to live at my place and actively participate in the preparation of our trip. His participation suited us as well. Our organizational and tactical plans included 9 people participating in the campaign. And there were 8 of us, because some candidates (O. Grebennik, S. Mertsalov and others) - chose to go to the Caucasus to participate in winter ascents ... "

And this must be remembered:
Zinoviev E.G.
"Answer # 2: 07/15/12 23:27"
“What can I say about Zolotarev? It was a mystery for everyone to pass. Before getting into Igor Dyatlov’s group, after working several shifts as a tourism instructor at the Artybash camp (Lake Teletskoye) in Altai and at the Kourovka camp site, he turned to Sergey Sogrin and asked , to our group, who is going to go to the already mentioned ski route 3 kp in the Polar Urals. Usually we gathered in the private house of S. Sogrin's parents on 18 Kirova Street, located next to VIZ. the tent for 10 people, similar to the Dyatlovskaya one. Our tent was distinguished by a vestibule about 1 meter wide, which connected the right and left parts of the tent. A vestibule was inserted into this vestibule for entering and exiting the tent and there was also a tin stove with a chimney that served to heat the tent. I was engaged in the manufacture of this ill-fated stove from sheets of tin, mastering the profession of a tinsmith for the first time in my life, when suddenly Sergey brought into the room a rather unusual person with a Caucasian appearance and imagined:
- Semyon Zolotarev, asks for our campaign!
- Call me just Sasha, - said this Caucasian Semyon, ...

To be continued...


... Call me just Sasha, said this Caucasian Semyon, curling his golden teeth, which was also unusual for us.
Semyon was significantly, about fifteen years older than us, but we did not attach any importance to this. Upon learning that he was an instructor at the Kourovka camp site, and he needed this trip to fulfill the standards of a master of sports in tourism, the group gave its go-ahead. But this Semyon, like Zina, was in a hurry to go through the route and return back. He said that you need to go to an old mother in the Caucasus ... "

Semyon, the same Sasha Zolotarev, appeared in the Sogrin group on January 20, 1959.


... The reason he drew attention to them was the argument in the stairwell during which one of them said: "This is not for you to serve a German." Both men unknown to him were drunk ...

And immediately, remember this:
2018-04-24T11: 02: 33 + 03: 00
Mystery of the Dyatlov Pass: Who is buried in the grave of Zolotarev?
Semen Zolotarev, as we have already written more than once, is the most mysterious person from the deceased group. Semen - according to the documents, he was Alexander (as Zolotarev seemed to everyone) was born in the Kuban village Convenient on February 2, 1921. So he wrote in his autobiographies. However, according to church metrics, his date of birth is March 1, 1921.
After the victory, he graduated from the Minsk Institute of Physical Culture. He left for Lermontov - a closed city due to uranium mining. He got a job as a physical education teacher. He was a member of the CPSU. At one of the party meetings, Zolotarev was severely asked the question: why did you hide from everyone that your brother worked for the Germans during the war ?! (We have a certified copy of this document) ... "

... He did not hear further conversation since They returned to gr. (covered up) (covered up) living in Sverdlovsk lane (covered up) house (covered up) apt. (covered up) registered there.
He failed to examine them through the keyhole, because one stood with his back to him, and the second was out of his sight. He does not have a telephone in the apartment, so that he would not lose sight of them, he went out into the yard and hid behind the barn.
About 23 hours one of them left the apartment and walked towards the (smeared) residential area. "B" caught up with the departing and asked him to light a cigarette. A confidential conversation ensued between them during which the unknown introduced himself as “Alexander”.
“Alexander” explained that he works at the (camped) camp site as a deputy director, and in Sverdlovsk he travels and is (parked) (parked).
On the street (covered up) near the house (covered up) they parted amicably, a citizen named "Alexander" entered the house, and "B", hiding around the corner of the neighboring house, waited about half an hour and making sure that he did not go out to the nearest pay phone, made a phone call and asked the operator for communication.
Returning home, “B” slipped and hit the back of the head on the sidewalk, as a result of which it suffered a serious brain injury and was taken to (covered up), where it was until February 12, 1959.
Due to illness “B”, information about the “Alexander” being developed was received by the operative worker very late.
On February 15, 1959, a decision was made by the apparatus (smeared) in the (smeared) region to establish the identity of "Alexander" and his entourage. "

Again we give the floor to Evgeny Zinoviev:
Zinoviev E.G.
"Answer # 2: 07/15/12 23:27"
"... And when the place of Slava Bienko was freed up in I. Dyatlov’s group, their group enlisted S. Zolotarev as a member. Judging by the diary entries, Sasha fit in well with the team of friendly“ Dyatlovites ”, perhaps due to his unpretentiousness, sociability and cheerful disposition ... "

- - - -To be continued...


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