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--- Quote from: Paf on April 15, 2021, 01:14:51 PM ---St Elmo fire wouldn't have made then leave the tent, or they would have lay down every and each ski and ski pole around the tent (as it mean risk of lightening).
This phenomen is currant in high mountains (in the alpes, high climbers were talking about "the bees", as the first thing they got from it was the sound of it... And it mean a lot for them as lots of climber got hit by a lightening right after.), I doubt they never heard of it before.

But what about sprites ?

I don't think it would have made then leave the tent, since they had to be far enough to see it. But it matches pretty much exactly the description of of the Mansi. (though there are differents sprites, but they still CAN look that way !)

--- End quote ---

Can you provide the reference that it matches the description of the Mansi  !  ? 

I had hard time finding it again, but I have it !
It's not on this site, and I don't have russian version. But here's in english (with the link) :

--- Quote ---“We were coming back from the forest and we could see the village ahead of us,” she says. “This bright, burning object appeared. It was wider at the front, and narrower at the back, with a tail, and there were sparks flying off it.”
--- End quote ---

(The red part of the sprite is usually appearing before the blue one -when they're both there-, allowing the blue part to be described as "the tail")

and there is paragraph here talking about the lights as "flash of light".

--- Quote ---Why was the military involved in the search?
This was on our request. And there were reasons for that. Shortly before that we met with a worker of one of the prison camps in the North Urals. He described strange flashes of light which he and his wife saw late that evening on their way home from the cinema. The light came from the direction of the supposed accident with the hikers. We also received evidence from other local residents, and all of them spoke about a similar phenomenon, all testimonies were entered on our records of interrogation. We got a suspicion of existence of a military test field somewhere around, could that be true? Could flashes be caused by a failed rocket launch that had killed the hikers?
--- End quote ---

I don't know any Russian, but when other are talking about the light lasting for 20 minutes, could it be several flashs instead of just one light ? Sprite can also take a ring form (elves) when they are even higher and stronger, but those one are lasting even less.

(And just : I don't think it would have had any real impact on what's happened. Maybe that was the reason they all got out undressed -a spectacular sight. But they would have seen it from far, so it would not have panic them to the point they would have cut the tent.
But it could be a natural explanation for the lights sights.  )


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