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Death by snowmobile

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--- Quote from: GlennM on October 30, 2022, 04:14:02 PM ---I recommend you go up one level in the forum and find the Snowmobile thread and re-post your query there. Great photo BTW.

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Finally I found my post as merged.
Thank you Glenn!
I don't agree with the human chase /hunt in this theory, but always was thinking of human incident theory similar as a logic to Teddy's. If these vehicles were looking like that I found them an attractive culprit of Vozrojdenii's "injuries like from car crash or big pressure (snow). They are cars. And only only is enough to have a ride along the hill with few drunken (geologists, woodcutters, whoevers). Hitting the tent to the right and applying the same logic about the tree but to those thick as thinner trees skis catching by diagonal the tent's corner, hence Luda and Zolo the worst and this sharp edge of the one ski the head of Tibo as biggest impact (like nose down into the dug up snow for the tent) then nose up after impact and lesser injuries having in mind high velocity passing with lesser damage to Zina side and Rustem skull. The rest is chaos and cold night and following cover up by the doers or the doers caught but authorities not wanting to have dirt about their council , division, recreating a scene and trying to hide as long as possible the ravine 4. The tent also could have been next to the fire if the cedar was marking the end of the forest . Then who knows the snowmobile drivers could have crushed into the trees killing themselves too , hence nurse Solter memory of more bodies.
Anyway this case is an enigma.
What has been available as a snow " car" I would name it is spectacular and the realisation thanka to all gathered info by Teddy - that the pass has not been empty desert at all at the time


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