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Why did Rustem Slobodin die first?

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--- Quote from: Loose}{Cannon on January 20, 2019, 09:08:33 PM ---Ice bed, no ice bed....  sounds like something that SHOULD have been documented in a PROPER investigation.

--- End quote ---

ABSOLUTELY.  I dont know about you or other Members but since I became interested in this mystery I have taken to learning something about FORENSIC SCIENCE. Forensics is certainly something that was lacking from the original investigation. As soon as foul play was suspected the Forensics people should have been in there immediately.  Forensics as a discipline as been around a very long time, even in the former USSR.  There can be no excuses as to why there was no proper Forensic investigation at the scene at the time or even later. And that fact alone casts a dark cloud over this mystery.


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