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The wind plays its own music

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We are all late, the party started 60 years ago and there were no invites.
As far as I am concerned nobody knows who attended.


--- Quote from: itWasTheCIA on September 11, 2019, 05:40:00 AM ---What I liked best about this new theory, is the connection to another, similar case. They did not have a tent though! We should look for other similar cases worldwide.
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That is a big difference. The Swedish skiers were caught out in the open, tried to dig a shelter with their hands, and then their hands were too numb to get their warmer gear out of their packs. This is very different from being inside the tent with your warmer clothing unpacked.

But the theory does use an interesting comparison to another case that would have remained a mystery if not for the one survivor.

Star man:
One of the problems with this theory is the way that they left the tent.  Even if there had been an extreme weather event there is no good reason why you would not get dressed before heading down the mountain.  The shoes and boots were accessible.  Also why cut your own tent due to extreme weather?


Star man


--- Quote from: WAB on August 09, 2019, 09:24:07 AM ---
--- Quote from: Lupos on August 09, 2019, 06:41:34 AM ---Hello,
I'm new here. I am very interested in the Dyatlov case. I am a physicist and I have been involved in meteorology for 30 years. So I have been designing a work for almost 3 months with the goal of describing the "Katabatic Wind" on the Kholat. I have saved the work as a PDF file in my "Magenta Cloud" of German Telekom. The link can be found below. If the link is open, you can save the work. The German company guarantees that the downloads are virus-free.
Unfortunately, the text is only available in German. But Google can help:-)

Kind regards
Guenter Wolf

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Dear Guenter !
I am with great interest I have read your message and have fluently seen your article. It is very interesting information. I am much confident that your knowledge and desire study this theme very much will help will come nearer to true.
However, that I very badly know semantics of German and I can use only the technical translator (it much better Google, but “it has no scientific degree”  grin1) should very carefully and understand attentively that there is written.
Already now I have some critical remarks because I very well know that place. Especially it concerns that I many times was there in the winter.
For example, you have very carefully disassembled influence solar insolation for February, 01st and 02, however at that time there was low and continuous overcast, therefore these factors can influence only in the most insignificant degree.
Example 2. There it is possible wind exposition formation of only to 2 directions: NorthWest or nearly so Western and Northern only. A statistical parity of probability these approximately directions this winds is 8 … 10: 1. Under the available data (data received from participants of search and our statistics) during events there was NorthWest wind (heights 700 … 1000 m н at m.).
If you can read in Russian, I have article (by results of our expeditions) about weather supervision, analysis of the various weather phenomena and estimation of aerodynamics local streams on site: “tent – cedar”.
You will find my e-mail in personal messages, and can send inquiry in case of need.
Unfortunately I cannot promise send my remark under article very quickly, at me it is too much concomitant circumstances which to it can disturb.
   Thank you for your information.
          Kind regards
                 PhD by aeronautics

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Dear Vladimir,

Thank you very much for your mail, which I received at the end of August. You have made a lot of effort and the inaccuracies of my representations explained and completed very precisely. I then tried to include all corrections in a new version of my work. In addition, I have completely revised my work and worked out different details better.
Unfortunately, the text is still written in German. Only when all corrections have been made will I translate the text into English.
I would like to thank you again for your help without which I would have had many mistakes in my work.

With best regards
Guenter Wolf
Master of Physics

As to simply wind I say no. Katabatic wind energy comes from the plunging of cold air into the lighter warm air below. It must descend altitude significantly to pick up kinetic energy. At most tent only 200m. lower in altitude. Katabatic wind seems to need thousands of meter descent.
HOWEVER this publication by Wolf is absolutely written as expert and I am "Tietzel nachher" (meint Wichtigtuer.)  Please go on, help with my question.


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