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--- Quote from: Monty on February 27, 2020, 06:53:12 AM ---Hi WAB
In your reply, section 2 regarding the fire at the cedar. Do you think in the assumed conditions of the weather and the people, lighting a fire was done with some unspecific assistance?
Thank you

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Dear Monty, I am very grateful that you asked a short question that can be answered quickly.
In those conditions and with the clothes that the band members were wearing, the only wish was to get a source of heat that would help them survive in those conditions. They thought about the rest later or only together with finding firewood and making fire. As I wrote in the previous post they had a very large heat deficit, so their survival instinct was to get more and more heat. Since they could not go further into the forest, where there was good firewood in sufficient quantity (they were not allowed to go deep in the snow) they were doomed from the beginning.
It is considered that the fire was a signal to attract the others only with great limitations. There is a very limited area from where you can see the fire or feel the smoke - the wind was small, but it was in the direction of their movement. That means it was in the other direction. The limitations of visibility are related to the terrain.

To go back to the legs injuries :

They were on a trek. with boots, and skis. Bad abrasions can occure from shoes or boots. From just shoes, after hard (summer) trek, i've had bruises under my foot, on top of it, but the most common are behing the heel or on the ankles.
The injuries as described seems to be of that kind to me. I feel like bondage would have left more traces on the sides, not at the front or back of ankles.
Maybe those abrasions are the reason Dyatlov left his big shoes at the storage ? It was so painfull the 31/01 he decided to ski with only felt boots ?


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