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The exhumation is not Semyon Zolotarev

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Олег Таймень:
In the criminal case there is a clear phrase that Semyon Zolotarev was taken for examination “Part of the sternum with surrounding soft tissues” Part of the rib with surrounding soft tissues...” (case file 360). During exhumation, we did not see the absence of part of the rib. Ganz’s conclusions were included in the case in the originals, so they cannot raise any doubts. They unearthed the wrong person from whom they took samples for examination.

As you say "Part of the sternum with surrounding soft tissues"

Sternum is breastbone.

Here is Zolotaryov's breastbone, the detail is from his exhumation photos.
I can see a piece missing, exactly as described in the Histological analyses report.
Why would a random corpse be missing part of the sternum if this is not Zolotaryov?

There was also a piece of rib taken for histological analysis. Lets look at the exhumation photos for a missing part of a rib.
How can you tell what is broken and what is clipped for histological analysis? And this is just half (one side) of Zolotaryov's ribs.
Just ignore the arrows pointing at cracks, I am using a ready image. But there are plenty of defects on the ribs that could be the places where a sample was taken.
I asked a coroner. Pieces for further examination are clipped from the edge of the rib (one cut), not the middle (two cuts). How do you know that a piece was not taken from the end of a rib?

This is Zolotaryov's rib cage. At the exhumation he is even missing a whole floating rib. But then again the second rib on our right doesn't belong there, it is a piece of a larger rib.
In any case there is no such thing as "no piece is missing so this is not Zolotaryov".

There is a thread on another site that is quite detailed about the teeth , they seem to be an obvious match with Zolotaryov and the skull.


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