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More on that tent.

The first group to have found the tent was split into 3 groups and the leader was Boris Efimovich Slobtsov.

Boris Efimovich Slobtsov   Борис Ефимович Слобцов   UPI student
Vadim Dmitrievich Brusnitsyn   Вадим Дмитриевич Брусницын   UPI student
Stas Devyatov   Стас Девятов   UPI student       <------------------   No picture or testimony
Yuri Koptelov   Юрий Коптелов   UPI student        <------------------   No picture or testimony
Vyacheslav Krotov   Вячеслав Кротов   UPI student     <------------------   No picture or testimony
Vladimir Lebedev   Владимир Лебедев   UPI student
Vladimir Strelnikov   Владимир Стрельников   UPI student     <------------------   No picture or testimony
Vyacheslav Ivanovich Halizov   Вячеслав Иванович Хализов   UPI student    <------------------   No picture or testimony
Mihail Petrovich Sharavin   Михаил Петрович Шаравин   UPI student, found Doroshenko and Krivonischenko's bodies on Feb 27    <------------------   No picture or testimony
Ivan Fokeevich Pashin   Иван Фокеевич Пашин   Mansi forestert
Alexei Sеmyonovich Cheglakov   Алексей Семёнович Чеглаков   Mansi hunter

SLOBTSOV WITNESS TESTIMONY    <--------- leader of first group of students to 'inspect' the tent.

--- Quote --- The tent of Dyatlov's group was discovered by our group on the afternoon of February 26, 1959.
When we approached the tent we found out that the entrance stood up and the rest of the tent was under snow. Around the tent in the snow stood ski poles and spare skis - 1 pair. The snow on the tent was 15-20 cm thick, it was clear that the snow was on the tent, it was hard.
Near the tent near the entrance to the snow an ice ax was stuck
--- End quote ---

Hard snow covering the entire tent other then the top half of the entrance which was still supported.   thumb1

--- Quote ---On February 26, 1959, we dug snow over the tent and made sure that there were no people, and the things that were in the tent did not touch. With me was the student Sharavin. From the tent things were taken on February 27 and 28, 1959. At the same time students Brusnitsin and others were present.
When I looked under the tent on 26.2.59 I saw the tent itself was torn, there were food in the bucket at the entrance, there was a liquid in the jar-alcohol or vodka, there were food in the bags in the legs, the blankets were unfolded, under the blankets spread out cotton woolen jackets, storm bags, and under them rasstalany were backpacks. At the entrance hung Slobodin's jacket, in whose breast pocket money was about 800 rubles. In the tent, apparently, a sheet was hung, which was torn and part of it protruded outward.
--- End quote ---

"torn".....   no mention as to multiple tears, rips, chunks missing....... nada.   The last part I believe is referring to Slobodins jacket being stuffed into a hole? 


I. V. PASHIN WITNESS TESTIMONY  <---------------------  Mansi forester attached to SLOBTSOV group.

--- Quote ---Here we have arranged a tent the night, divided into three groups and went to look for the tourists, as a result of searches found a tent with the things that could be seen as the bad it is covered with snow, we did not go into the tent.
--- End quote ---

So you guys didnt go into the tent eh.....   Thats not what SLOBTSOV says.     bat1


CHEGLAKOV WITNESS TESTIMONY   <-------------   Mansi hunter attached to SLOBTSOV group.

--- Quote ---On the second day found the tent tourists which was located in the upper reaches of rivers and Auspii Lozvy at the height of the mountain verhuspiya. It was seen as bad snowed. In it, we did not go. Traces of tourists skiing around the tent to be seen.
--- End quote ---

Another stating they did not go in the tent.   nea1     Also note, The Dyatlov groups ski tracks seen!


BRUSNITSYN WITNESS TESTIMONY     <-------------------  member of one of the three search groups under SLOBTSOV

--- Quote ---The guys attempting to climb the ridge of height 1079 found an abandoned tent. They brought to the camp three cameras, Slobodin's jacket, an ice axe, which was stuck near the tent, a flashlight found near the tent and an alcohol flask
--- End quote ---

Good to know......  The first group under Slobtsov to approach the tent brought back items to camp from the Dyatlov tent.   thumb1

--- Quote ---(26th) Our group and the two arriving groups of Karelin and Captain Chernyshov did not take part in the search that day. All were busy transporting gear from the pass to the Auspia valley, where it was decided to organize a camp.
--- End quote ---

Day two of the tent discovery, he has yet to personally see the tent.

--- Quote ---On the next morning, the 27th, we continued our search with dogs. The rest, after dismantling the tent, began to probe the snow cover on the pass with ski poles.
After the prosecutor of Ivdel's protocoled the property of the group, it was ordered to me and M. Sharavin to collect things and transport them to the landing site of the helicopter.
--- End quote ---

Ah.....   one of the tent draggers eh....    Note...  tent dismantled on the 27th. 

--- Quote ---The rest of the things were in disarray in the tent.
Apparently the group was in the final stage of dressing and preparing for the night at the time of the incident. In the near to te entrance part of the tent were found a few crusts from the loin. There are rusks scattered all over the tent.
--- End quote ---

Crap scattered all over the place by now!       And why the hell did they have so many rusks?  Other reports state 2 to 3 bags of rusks!!!    shock1      That must have been some outstanding rye bread!!!   Where did these rye rusks come from??


--- Quote ---On top of all things lay a ski pole cut into several pieces, on which, apparently, the northern end of the tent was stretched. Render a ski pole unusable, especially when the group didn't have a spare, is possible only under special circumstances.
--- End quote ---

This is the infamous "tactical tripod" that acording to the Ball Lightening theory was used to...... capture images that dont exist.    nea1


V. L. LEBEDEV WITNESS TESTIMONY   <---------  member of one of the three search groups under SLOBTSOV gives testimony to what SLOBTSOV told them upon meeting them at the campsite.   This is relayed information to a guy that was not at the first discovery of the tent himself.

--- Quote --- they went along the slope of the elevation to the black spot attracting their attention, which was torn and half-buried by Dyatlov's tent. From their words, only the front part of the tent was not spilled. Near the tent was lying (or rather stood) an ice ax, with which they tried to dig up the piled up part of the tent in the hope of finding someone there. They also found a cut of one slope of the tent.
--- End quote ---

He was told they found 'a' cut on the slope of the tent.       wink1

--- Quote ---Since it was already late, they, having captured an ice pick, camera, diary (it seems, Slobodin), a Chinese flashlight and some. other things, which I do not remember exactly, returned with a guide to the place where they slept and told us about what they saw
--- End quote ---

The first party to reach the tent ,used the axe found near the tent........ to hack away at the evidence buried below.  thumb1

--- Quote ---The middle of the tent failed, the tent itself was torn, maybe our guys (Sharavin and Slobtsov) broke it, but on the slope that was turned down, there was a clear even cut, made in my knife.
--- End quote ---

Whoa whoa whoa there cowboy.....  you say the middle of the tent failed.... is there perhaps a support pole in the middle of this tent that could have damaged the canvas upon its collapse?     There is that word again.... 'torn'.  This isn't a plural usage of the term being used by all these guys, and he blatantly admits that "maybe our guys (Sharavin and Slobtsov) broke it"     bat1 bat1

The next day LEBEDEV WAS at the tent..... 

--- Quote ---The next day, in the morning, in the presence of Comrade Ivanov, all things from the tent were extracted Lebedev (signature) / Two lines crossed out by me Lebedev (signature) /
Sheet 315
There were many items in the tent. Near the entrance of the tent, which I believe was open, lay the stove inside its case. The pipes of the latter were inside the stove, which indicates that the stove was not attempted to be diluted (crossed out), although behind the tent on the street at the rear end of the tent in the snow I found a log, undoubtedly intended for the stove.
Inside the tent were found buckets, at the entrance lay an ax, it seems, 2, and saw in the covers. In the head (if you stand facing the entrance of the tent, then on the right side of it, which is lower on the slope) there were personal belongings of the deceased and food products (?) From backpacks. At the very end of the tent, things were discovered by Dyatlov (a field bag containing money, documents, diaries, a camera, etc. Then Slobodin and Kolevatov lay in my place, because there were their belongings. At the entrance to the tent lay either the duty officer or the manager that there were cut pieces of ham found here, and it seems that only one piece was eaten (there was a crust), in one of the mugs there were, in my opinion, the remains of oatmeal porridge, possibly the morning remains. "our guys broke up when, for the first time, an ice pick cleared In general, there were few products in the tent (five days at most), which convinced us that the woodpeckers had made a storage, which we later learned from the diary, it seems, was Dyatlov, and then found out by the crocs they composed. /> In the tent there were several pairs of felt boots, except for one pair of shoes, almost all the outer clothing. In the tent we found a ski stick from which the upper end was cut along the neat end cut and another incision was made. This suggests that apparently someone stayed in the tent much later than others, maybe for a day. Because the person from nothing to do will not cut the stick, which can still come in handy. In one place of the tent she was torn and then fastened with a pin.
--- End quote ---

 "In one place of the tent"  shock1    Sooooo,  "torn' and fastened with 'a' pin.....   okey1     Funny,  SLOBTSOV the day before and in his testimony didn't mention anything about opening the front of the tent.     neg1


A TMANAKI WITNESS TESTIMONY  <---------  member of Karelin rescue group

--- Quote ---On February 26, at 12 noon, we were loaded into a helicopter and dropped off on the saddle to the right of the scallop on the pass to Lozvy and a height of 880
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---on the pass (the first) met several people from the group of Slobtsov who approximately indicated to us the location of the tent of the group Dyatlov. The rest of the people of the Slobtsov group were at the scallops on the pass, because later discovered the discovery of
... influenced them, that they are completely demoralized and lost all capacity for work
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---They did not make a detailed inspection of the tent, because they explained that they were afraid to see their comrades in it.The tent stood sideways to the slope by the entrance to the east, the entrance was unbuttoned but piled in half with buckets
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---the north side of the tent was torn
--- End quote ---

There's that non plural terminology again.......  Im not seeing any further description of multiple tears, holes, flaps, missing chunks..... nada.


V. I. TEMPALOV WITNESS TESTIMONY  <------------  The Prosecutor in the criminal case

--- Quote ---At first glance, the tent was covered with snow. It was installed on a platform leveled by the students dug out. A tent with a windy side was torn in the middle part.
--- End quote ---

'Middle part' eh........   thats it!?   At least he noted the tear was on the windy side.    nose1

This is the only place where Tempalov found damage in the tent, which means that there were no cuts from which the tourists were escaping from the tent!

--- Quote ---a flask empty from alcohol or vodka, the smell was felt------------I got the impression that the students drank vodka and had a snack
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---From a number of testimonies of witnesses it is clear to me that these days in the mountains and not only in the mountains there was a strong wind and it was very cold. Based on the discovered bodies (in the number of five people), the situation in which they were to me it becomes clear that all the students were frozen, the attack on them is excluded
--- End quote ---


E.P. MASLENNIKOV WITNESS TESTIMONY  <------------Master of Sports, Head of the UPI sports club

--- Quote ---28.2.59 was examined Tent Dyatlov. Tent inspection showed that it remained almost all personal belongings Group, as well as public equipment.
--- End quote ---

Feb 28th? 

--- Quote --- its entrance facing the south side and on that side extensions were intact, and stretching north side disrupted and therefore the entire second half of the tent was covered with snow
--- End quote ---

The north side was 'disrupted'.   nose1     Now only half the tent was covered in snow.    whacky1

--- Quote ---When the inspection was over the tent, we dragged her to the helipad at a distance of 600-700 meters.
--- End quote ---

Holy batshit!   700 freaking meters man!!!!    Thats a crazy long distance to be DRAGGING one of the most important articles of evidence over jagged rocks and ice! 

Sections, cuts, and huge holes in the north side of the tent appeared after Tempalov VI. He examined the tent and instructed the students to collect it and all the things and drag it 700 meters to the helicopter to be transported to Ivdel for "research" . The tent was frozen to dense snow, so the students cut out and pulled it out of the frozen snow and ice.

Pull out the contents (likely through the side)

And chop/slice/shovel that tent out of the hard ice encrusted snow in which its half buried in.   Dig men..... dig!

Now....  drag that sucker 700 meters over rocks and ice to the chopper.....  stat!

Meanwhile back in Ivdel the young rookie investigator Vladimir Korotaev and a cunning seamstress have no darn clue what to make of it other then assumptions.    bang1

The tent was in terrible condition, with multiple tears, and cuts and in some places there were punctured and burned holes, and 2 large pieces of canvas were cut / torn out of its lateral part. It is impossible to imagine how it was possible to conduct research on the tent, after it was ruined by search students.

So....... what have we learned from this? 

Now.....    lets take a look at this inspection of the tent case file and the analysis of the cuts that were reported as having been made from the inside.

--- Quote ---As a result of the foregoing, and when examining the edges of all the damages on the tent, one can conclude that three damages /conditionally marked № 1, 2, 3 / came as a result of contact with some sharp weapon /knife/, i.e. are cuts. Yet the rest of the damage is a tear.
--- End quote ---

So the cuts shown above are the ONLY ones of the ENTIRE tent that are reported to be cut from the inside. 

Now.......   Does anyone here believe NINE full size adult bodies jumped out of those holes? 

Where are the analysis reports on cuts made from the outside?

Is it possible said 'inside' cuts are nothing more then a result of being chopped/dug out of the icy hardened snow using shovels and ice axes?  Or perhaps the results of having been dragged 700m = 1/2 mile over sharp rocks and ice?

Is it possible said inside cuts were created after damage to the tent resulted in the material being peeled back exposing the inside making it now..... the outside? 

It is of my opinion that there can be NO declaration based on any substantive evidence the 9 victims ever sliced their way out of the tent to begin with. And along with that, any theory solely based on them having done so is HEAVILY flawed. 

Those who saw the tent after the search students "worked" with it attributed the cuts made by the search students to Igor Dyatlov's group. Then, based on this false "fact", a legend was created that Igor Dyatlov's group cut the tent during their departure.

You have made one hell of an argument and now I see why your brain is fried.

What have I learned from this?

Where'd this flask of alcohol come from? I've never seen this testimony before. So was there alcohol or not?

No matter, if 9 people took a big swig out of a flask of vodka to cut the winter chill after hunkering down for the night, I don't see them being piss-ass fall-over drunk. Just partaking of a time-honored Russian tradition.


--- Quote ---So was there alcohol or not
--- End quote ---

Yes, and it would appear to be two flasks/jars, because SLOBTSOVs group took one back to camp day 1 of 'inspecting' the tent.  TEMPALOV found one that was still inside the tent.    tongue2

You need to consider seeing a physician for that serious ADHD you have. I don't know how you are able to turn over so much information at the speed that you do, but Adderall is a hellofa drug.

Whatever keeps you moving all over this site, navigating it like nobody's business, knowing every detail of every document available to support every argument that exists in the forum. Kill the competition like a man on a mission, eh? THIS IS NOT NORMAL! Your handle, LC, is insanely fitting. You are indeed a rogue agent among us and unpredictable as all get-out.

Look, I get tired just looking for the supporting evidence for any discrepancies I need to hand over to Teddy to be fixed or even just if I want to write a thread to stimulate Forum activity. You seem to be able to jump from document to document and the documents are spread from one end of the Site to the other in semi-organizational order. What you are doing is taking evidence from the victims section for example and another thing from the search party category then you go into the Forum and pepper your thread with bits and pieces from conversations...but it's like you know every single document that exists within the entirety of the Site, and you know exactly where to find it whenever you need it at any given time. Not just that, you know exactly what singular evidenciary piece you need to copy/paste within the document or circle within a photograph.  Then to pull all of it together in one argument in one place....

You work like you yourself are a computer. We can't even begin to keep up with you!You need methamphetamines man!

I honestly think that whole thing should be featured on the front page of the Site authored by you! It's truly great work.

Also, I think you should cut and paste it to somehow fit in with the Inspection of the Tent thread in Case Files since this is under Witness Testimonies.


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