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October 05, 2017, 07:27:59 PM
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The act of investigating the corpse by Dubinina

Sheet 355

Hor. Ivdel

ACT # 4

forensic investigation of the corpse.

May 9, 1959 According to the decree of the prosecutor of the criminalist of the Sverdlovsk Oblast Prosecutor's Office of May 7, 1959, the forensic expert of the regional forensic medical examination office in the Sverdlovsk Region revived, in the presence of the prosecutor-criminalist of the oblast prosecutor's office, advisor of justice Ivanova GN, expert criminalist Churkina GA, in the room of the medical unit n / a number 240, in daylight, a study of the body of gr. Dubinina Lyudmila Alexandrovna, 20 years, to establish the causes of death.

The circumstances of the case:
On January 28, a group of tourists, consisting of 9 participants, went on a ski trip along the route Ivdel - Mount Otorten. I.II.59 year the group began its ascent and stopped at an altitude of 1079 in the evening.
On the night of February 2, all the participants of the march died.

A. Outdoor inspection :

On the section table lies a female corpse in clothes: a knitted knitted helmet on her head. The wool is grayish-brown in color, the sweaters are worn, under it is a beige woolen sweater, a checkered mall cowboy, whose sleeves are buttoned. A yellow knitted short sleeve shirt, a white cotton bra with three buttoned buttons. On the corpse dressed ragged cotton pants are dark, with a belt on an elastic band. Pants are very torn and sometimes adored.
The left leg is the region of the partially shin and the feet are wrapped in a gray hex-edged flap of sweaters with a sleeve. On his left leg is a tattered woolen brown sock. On both legs are cotton blue, torn socks. Under them are gray woolen socks of mating. Black cotton tricot torn in the crotch, in the belt area, on the elastic band.
On the legs of the corpse are light-brown cotton stockings. From the left leg the stocking is lowered, the right stocking is held by an elastic band. A gray belt with an elastic bandage. Satin's male cut shorts. The belt is fastened with black buttons.
After the removal of clothing found: the corpse of a female, the right constitution, good nutrition, 167 cm in length. Cadaverous spots are cyanotic-gray, located abundantly on the posterior and lateral surfaces, and the trunk and extremities. On her head are blond hair braided in one braid up to 50 cm long. A blue silk ribbon is woven into the braid. Forehead straight, sloping posteriorly.
The skin of the face is yellowish-brown, soft tissues in the region of the superciliary arches, on the bridge of the nose, eye sockets and the left temporal-malar area are absent with the exposure of the bones of the facial skull. Orbits gap, eyeballs absent. The bones of the back of the nose are intact, the cartilages of the nose are flattened. Absence of soft tissues of the upper lip on the right with thinning of its edges and exposure of the alveolar margin of the upper jaw and teeth. Teeth are even, smooth. There is no tongue in the oral cavity. Mucous cavities of the mouth are gray-greenish in color.

Sheet 356

- 2 -

Ears oval in shape. Holes of the mouth, nose and ear aisles are clean. The neck is long and thin. Soft tissues of the neck area are saggy to the touch. When probing the neck, unusual mobility of the horns of the hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage is determined. The thorax is cylindrical. Thoracic glands of medium size, elastic. Nipples and okolososkovye mugs pale brown color. The abdomen is located at the level of the thorax. The external genitalia are formed correctly. The hymen is ring-shaped with a high ridge, fleshy. The natural hole of the hymen passes the tip of the adult's little finger. Mucous of the vagina is lilac red. On the outer and anterior surface of the left thigh, in the middle third, the diffuse bruise is cyanotic-lilac in a 10 x 5 cm section with a hemorrhage into the thickness of the skin.
On the back surface of the hands, soft tissues, tight to the touch, fingers are half-bent. The terminal phalanges of the hands are covered with "bath skin", which slides together with the nail plates. In the field of feet and fingers "bath skin" pale-gray color and purple hue. When palpation is felt, unusual mobility of the ribs is determined. In the region of the left parietal bone, a defect of soft tissues, 4 x 4 cm in size, is covered by a naked parietal bone.

B. Internal research.

Skin flaps of the scalp from the inner surface are moist, juicy and shiny. The bones of the arch and the base of the skull are intact. Cerebroids are cyanotic, poor blood filling. Brain and fissures of the brain are poorly distinguished. Gray matter of the brain differs badly from white matter. The contours of the lateral ventricles of the brain are not easily discernible. Vessels of the base of the brain without features. Subcutaneous fat tissue of the trunk is well developed. The position of the internal organs is correct, in the pleural cavities was contained up to one and a half liters of liquid dark blood. The pericardial bag contained up to 20 cm 3 of a yellowish transparent liquid. Heart size 12 x 4 x 5. In the region of the right ventricle of an irregular oval shape, a hemorrhage of 4 x 4 cm, with diffuse impregnation of the right ventricular muscle. The thickness of the left ventricular muscle is 1.4 cm and the right one is 0.5 cm. The right and left half of the heart contained up to 50 cm of liquid dark blood. Valves of the heart of the aorta and pulmonary artery are smooth, thin, shiny. Coronary vessels of the heart are free passable. The internal surface of the aorta is smooth, clean. Lungs from the surface of bluish-red color, are fluffy to the touch. On the cut, the lung tissue is dark red, when pressed from the surface of the incision, foamy bloody fluid flows abundantly, the bronchus lumen is free. Horns of the hyoid bone of unusual mobility XXXXXXXX, soft tissues adjoining the hypoglossal bone of dirty gray color. Diaphragm of mouth and tongue absent. The upper margin of the hyoid bone is exposed. Mucous esophagus, trachea of ​​bronchi bluish reddish color. The stomach contained up to 100 cm3 of mucous mass of a dark reddish color. The mucous stomach is loose, bluish-red in color. The pancreas is fine-lobed on the incision, bluish-red in color. Liver from the surface is smooth, dull. The size of the liver is 23 x 12 x 10 x 6 cm.

Sheet 357

- 3 -

cut liver tissue brownish reddish color with an indistinct ??? night pattern. In the gall bladder contained up to 5 cm of brown liquid, the mucosa of the gall bladder is velvety, brown. Spleen flabby to the touch, the channels are still wrinkled. The size of the spleen is 7 x 5 x 2 cm. The lumen of the small intestine contained a mucous mass of dirty yellow color. In the lumen of the large intestine contained stool masses of green color. The intestinal mucosa is bluish reddish. The surfaces on the surface are smooth, shiny. The capsule from the kidneys is removed easily. In a cut, the tissue of the kidneys is dark red. The size of the right kidney? x 5 x 2 cm., the left kidney 9 x 5.5 x 2.3 cm. The cortex and the medulla layer are well distinguished. Cortical and cerebral layer of the adrenal glands are distinguishable ???? ho. Uterus on a pale gray incision, in the lumen its traces are pale ??? of mucus. Ovaries and appendages without features. After the extraction of the organocomplex from the thoracic and abdominal cavities, a multiple bilateral fracture of the ribs on the right of the II, III, IV, and Y in the middle-clavicular and cordolar line was found on the left, fracture II, III, IV, VI, VI, VI of the ribs along the mid-succinic line to the left. In places of fracture of the ribs there are diffuse hemorrhages in the intercostal muscles.
In the area of ​​the sternum hand on the right a diffuse hemorrhage.
For the chemical and histological examination of their specified corpse, parts of internal organs are taken.

Forensic expert - signature (Restored)

of the Prosecutor's Office of the Sverdlovsk Region
Ml. counselor of justice - signature (Ivanov)

Expert-criminalist (Churkina)
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