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May 23, 2019, 10:42:58 AM
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hello there,
(i prepared a longer text but i am not good in writing english texts, so i decided to cut it short.
heavy usage of google translator here. sorry for that)

today i am really convinced that the dyatlov pass investigation wasnt professional as it should be. no insult here. nervermind.

my thoughts becomes to a conclusion:

i have read Dubininas autopsy report. the problem is that the pathologist named the injuries but dont explained it.
that caused the confusion about the case, i am really sure.
one explanation of the injuries was called  "unknown compelling force".

but, what if the rescuers caused accidentally the injuries? could be that possible?
you see in the photos how the rescuers are "wielding" shovels. could it be, that the injuries of the bodies were caused by the usage of shovels?

this is how Dubinina was found. under an ice shield(?). notice the shovel on the picture.

we dont now how difficult it was to remove this ice shield. maybe they have hit very hard on the ice, so they crushed the ribs of dubininas body (same on Zolotaryov) here. accidentally. they even dont noticed that. could it be possible?
they put the bodies to the pathologist, and he couldnt explain the damage?

someone said, that the broken ribs occur when Dubinina was alive because of blood stains (dont now the correct term) inside her body or blood stains on her heart etc (blood was liqiud/fluent).

i am not an expert, but i suspect that the bodies werent frozen, just cold and relatively soft.
body decay was slowed down but the blood and another body liquids were still more or less fluent.

the bodys were hit (accidentally) by shovels during the rescue.
the bodies werent frozen (this could be the reason why the bodies could be damaged easily).
body liquids were more or less still fluent and caused false conclusions to the pathologist (false conclusion of injuries occurred while still alive)

your thoughts on this?
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June 18, 2019, 03:22:54 PM
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I find your theory very plausible and interesting.  Never would have thought of the shovels causing the "injuries" to the bodies as you suggested. You know, you might be right.  I'm like you, though, I'm not educated on medical stuff and autopsy stuff.  I'm new to this subject, too.  However, your suggestion is really a good one and it might have happened as you suggested.