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For the first time Lyudmila Morgunova is publishing the post card her brother Rustem Slobodin mailed from Vizhay, 61 years to the day

Where: Sverdlovsk 9
Malyisheva St ,142 room 71
To: Slobodins
Sender's address: city of Ivdel, Sverdlovsk region
village of Vizhay

26/I-1959 10 am
Hello sedentary citizens of Sverdlovsk!
Yesterday we safely reached the village of Vizhay. Now we are taking a truck to the starting point  - 2nd Northern.
The weather is nice, warm (~ 10-15°). Everything is good. I am sorry I didn't say goodbye - got carried away.
All the best.
R Slobodin


Interesting. Not for the first time the weather is described as nice and warm. Siberian weather conjures up images of extremely low temperatures so its worth mentioning that the Dyatlov Group were hardy young people used to extremes of temperature so despite low thermometer readings they still describe that as NICE AND WARM.


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