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Can anyone explain the official explanation of a few months back?

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I agree with eurocentric that the 4 bodies may have been placed in the ravine after their deaths. But not maliciously. They were buried there by the other hikers, to avoid them having to see their dead friends laying all around that area where they were, and avoid birds and animals eating their eyes and bodies. They even may have agreed with eachothers that if I die, bury my body in snow temporarily. They perhaps thought that once someone of them gets safely back home, rescue workers will bring their bodies back home and bury them to graveyard.
I think the reason why they cut the tent was not necessarily an avalance but some amount of icy snow falling on top of the tent, causing it to collapse on top of them. They couldn't get out from tent by opening the buttoned door, cause the snow on top of them was so heavy, or maybe the buttons were frozen, it was too slow or difficult to try to open the door. So someone just cut the tent open, and  others did the same. The snow fell on top of the tent that had built right next to the tent over few hours because of strong wind and heavy snowing, and because they dig too deep hole for the tent when they were erecting it. There's a lot of snow seen in the picture also right in front of the tent doorway. It's blocking the doorway.
Only odd thing is why to bury the dead right next to the den? Maybe they didn't have energy to carry their bodies anyhere else. Or were these 4 trying to dig a second den but it collapsed on top of them? I mean all 7 or  9 can't fit inside that one den they had made.
If they indeed tried to give CPR to the dead friends, I wonder why? What would be the reason trying to revive a dead person right back to the same conditions that killed them. It seems a bit pointless. Well, they probably hoped to be rescued later.


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