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Dead drops and ch'intrate

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Leaving it hidden.  That's called a dead drop in spy parlance.

I guess anything is possible.   The Mansi used those markings to mark trails etc, and I guess if someone had intimate knowledge of their meaning etc they could be used in such a fashion.  Or perhaps utilization of existing markings is also possible.  However, it still leaves us with MANY unknown answers.....  Most notably, why did the setup camp on the slope of that mountain when the forest was in their direct line of travel and only one mile away.... down hill.

LC, I wish I could explain camping in the open! It makes the wind more harsh, firewood far away.
Western intelligence was hot for information about MAYAK.

Can somebody point me into a good direction of the "dead drop theory?"


--- Quote from: CalzagheChick on June 02, 2018, 11:30:42 AM ---Can somebody point me into a good direction of the "dead drop theory?"

--- End quote ---

Its part of the theory that Zolotaryov was there on a top secret assignment to hand off radioactive materials to US spies....  and the spies were so thankful, they killed their informat/informants.   No possible way the Russian communist party/country would be mad at them.   


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