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Hit by a car?

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Could be the hikers came across a test zone....

“On December 30, an act was signed on the completion of the prototype of the Sever-2 aerosleigh. On January 2 next, in 1959, the sleigh was weighed and on January 5 it was handed over for testing. During the tests with the sleigh there was an accident - the propeller turned upside down, the propeller was broken.”

Lol.    Is this your final version of events?


This is the government/military involvment thread, is it not, that’s what I’m leading up to an would like to discuss.

I’m confused, is this a final theory categories, thought they were posted in the THEORY section of this site.

No reason to get bent outta shape  wink1

I just didn't know where you are going with this and that the term 'prototype' was exclusive to military.    dunno1

Well I’m trying to be creative and give others some insight through facts...that might be helpful and new, or give rise to new ideas. The common theories have been beat to ****.

It’s easy to lol someone’s posted info, try expanding on them instead of retreading things already posted everywhere. I post elements of my research that’s factual, to help others along.  A theory isn’t going to be worth very much just based off hunches...


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