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Александр Аронович Печерский

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The host of this topic is KathleenDSmith1, she wrote in the Shoutbox, I am opening a topic for her:

Alexander 'Sasha' Pechersky (Russian: Александр Аронович Печерский; 22 February 1909 – 19 January 1990) This is in Wikipedia and I believe is the same person as Semyon Zolotaryov as (Sasha) photo and birthday is different but this person is KGB...

Nigel Evans:
Very similar. Pretty girl btw :)


Nigel Evans:
But aged 50 in '59?

--- Quote from: Nigel Evans on September 17, 2020, 04:21:57 AM ---But aged 50 in '59?

--- End quote ---


Nigel Evans:
In the autopsies, Semyon's moustache is described as "The upper lip has the remnants of a light brown mustache" but Nicolai's eyebrows are described as "thick black eyebrows".



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