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Author Topic: Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.  (Read 6881 times)

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January 16, 2019, 11:34:09 AM
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Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them. ― George Eliot

I am so busy this year trying to organize my trip to Dyatlov Pass that I forgot the birthdays of Slobodin, Kolmogorova and Dyatlov. I have been planning all day long since December what I am going to do there and how to get there, that I forgot the main reason I am going there. It is so easy to shift the focus to our goals, to our life. I am truly, deeply saddened.

The photo on the background is taken by Alexey B on Dyatlov Pass in the period of 19-26 Feb 2016.

A truly mystical spectacle

We went with friends on snowmobiles from February 19 to February 23, 2016. Route: Vizhay - base of Yeles Tour (Ushma) - Dyatlova Pass. We left from Ushma at 10 am. The road lay through a fabulous winter forest. We reached the pass in 14 days and immediately opened up an indescribable spectacle. Mount Kholat Syakhl noticeably rose against the background of the other mountains and was covered with a dense blanket of a swirling giant cloud that hides the flowing lines of the mountain relief beneath. In the boiling foam of this cloud on the background of an absolutely cloudless sky, snow-white whirling foam sparkling in the sun emerged, broken by the wind into shallow icy dust, which descended with terrible force, picked up by the hurricane wind. We have not seen anything like this in our lives! At the epicenter of this atmospheric movement of the fog, it was very dark and no sunlight whatsoever, it felt eerie and terribly uncomfortable because of the hard snow and strong wind. We returned back at 10 pm, very tired, but with a reason. Visiting this pass is always an expeditionary option, so it is always with difficulties. But it was worth it!

Original text

Воистину мистическое зрелище!
Ездили с друзьями-снегоходчиками с 19 по 23 февраля 2016. Маршрут: Вижай - база Елес Тур (Ушма) - Перевал Дятлова. Из Ушмы выехали в 10 утра. Дорога лежала через сказочный зимний лес. На перевал добрались к 14 дня и сразу открылось непередаваемое зрелище. Гора Холатчахль заметно возвышалась на фоне остальных гор и была укрыта плотным одеялом клубящегося гигантского облака, скрывающим под собою плавные линии горного рельефа. В кипящей пене этого облака на фоне абсолютно безоблачного неба рождалась белоснежная искрящаяся на солнце вихреватая пена, разбиваемая ветром в мельчающую ледяную пыль, которая со страшной силой спускалась вниз, подхваченная ураганным ветром. Ничего подобного в своей жизни мы до этого не видели! В эпицентре этого атмосферного перемещения влаги было очень сумрачно без солнечных лучей, жутковато и ужасно не комфортно из-за жесткого снега и сильного ветра. Обратно вернулись к 22 часам, очень устали, но было ради чего. Посещение этого перевала это всегда экспедиционный вариант, поэтому всегда приходилось преодолевать какие то трудности. Но того стоило!

January 16, 2019, 01:48:52 PM
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Nigel Evans


January 16, 2019, 10:31:58 PM
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Star man

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They look so young.  Let's hope they are in a better place.

Like the photo

January 25, 2019, 08:09:13 PM
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Their faces and the photo of that lonely place called to mind the poem below. I'm not entirely certain why.

by Marianne Moore

“No man may him hyde
From Deth holow-eyed;”
This, for us mortal truth, for us shall not suffice.
You are not male or female, but a plan
Deep-set within the heart of man.
Splendid with splendor hid you come, from your Arab abode,
A fiery topaz smothered in the hand of a great prince who rode
Before you, Sun—whom you outran,
Piercing his caravan.

O Sun, you shall stay
With us. Holiday
And day of wrath shall be as one, wound in a device
Of Moorish gorgeousness, round glasses spun
To flame as hemispheres of one
Great hourglass dwindling to a stem. Consume hostility;
Employ your weapon in this meeting-place of surging enmity!
Insurgent feet shall not outrun
Multiplied flames, O Sun.
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