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I managed to read Rakitins book with google translate and ir was almost fine. First part of the book where he describes the autopsies and families and background of the hikers is really good and points out at interesting facts.
Second part in opinion is more like a fiction novel about spies. There are too many speculations and details that are impossible to be assumed. He could have written only that he thinks it was a controled delivery gone wrong . But maybe he wanted to make the book longer and included that long story of action battle and helicopters and all.
Anyway his way of thinking and making observations was very logical so I liked his theory and the way he cobcludes it.
Other author I liked is Svetlana Oss, again murder theory but supposibg that Khanty did it. Again strogest arguments are the autopsies.


Some people in the US blame Russia for everything, some people in Russia blame the US for everything.   

Nigel Evans:
They seem to have attempted the original plan the day before of going through the actual pass but failed due to conditions. From memory a diary talks of being above the tree line. The failure is understandable as they were curiously poorly equipped for higher ground, no crampons and only Semyon had an ice axe. So it's plausible that they picked up some scratches in the attempt before giving up, descending and shedding weight with the labaz.

Are we assuming because there are no diary entries passed the 31st that they must have died on the 1st or 2nd?

I mean, what if they died later (not too much later, just later enough that the bruising and wounds scabbing can be accounted for) but were too incapacitated to write in their diaries because they were taken hostage or were fighting to survive?

All Clacon questions are also my interest. And I agree with all his thoughts. So I do not have anything to add here. In order to answer these questions we need a new autopsy.
Mr. Tuman is a real person to re-conduct an autopsy of all corpses. Then the image of the case would be much clearer. But will this happen? This is the main question?


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