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--- Quote from: varuna on February 16, 2019, 07:56:42 AM ---( OK for military involvement )
Some injuries could have been made by a knife or a specific blow. A few I agree .
The others could come from falling ion the ice, or hitting while exhausted. I know what I am talking about there. Obviously, they were all exhausted or worse at the end.
Even after deathe or during the last period of hypothermia . Some cases are described in climbing accidents.
AND of course no real reason and scenario for the moment .

--- End quote ---

I think you will find that even the original investigators and experts decided that some of the injuries could not have been caused by the act of falling, whether it be ice or otherwise.  You mention climbing accidents, and as you know when there are serious injuries as a result of a climbing fall you get serious damage to skin and muscle as well as bones.


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