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Altercation on the pass

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Injuries and damage to clothing could also have been caused by some kind of ELECTRICAL EVENT.

Star man:
The altercation scenario fits with simple credible explanation.  It seems to me that the group were trying to get away from someone?  If they were running and hiding from someone then it's unlikely that the two Yuris would have lit a fire.  So who lit it?  The Yuris look like they claimed the cedar - maybe to stay out of reach of someone.


Star man

What if.....

Since there were other university student groups in the general area, they saw a fire in the woods from the tent and went to say hello to their buddies.  BAD IDEA

I mean, if Igor was the one who was the threat, then maybe he died before the Yuri's started the fire....and....they couldn't find their way back to the tent??

But why not TRY to go back to the tent anyways to get the ice ax or clothes or whatever?

And I think they climbed the tree to try to find the tent, not because someone was after them (just sounds comical to would only climb a tree to get away from something that couldn't climb a tree, wouldn't you?)
But...if Igor tried to climb the tree, he would have been kicked in the face by the Yuris (may be evidence of this, but maybe more severe than his reported injuries….unless he was going to burn them with a log from the fire that he would have had to wait a while to get lit....I don't know....they sat up in that tree all that time?? Waiting for Igor to get frozen stuff to burn while he was threatening to burn them out of the tree once he gets a log lit to poke them with?? I don't think this is very plausible....also how to explain the Yuri D's cinged hair? 

…..So the threat must have stayed at the tent....

Or Igor, Rustem and Zina were at the tent a while before coming down the slope and eventually perishing due to them fighting up at the tent???

…...Or the Yuris started the fire and then went up the tree when they heard someone approaching???


What proof is there that any of the 9 started the fire?


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