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Jean Daniel Reuss:

As WAB said: " You need a very large amount of text to explain your position. Especially considering the fact that many positions need to be explained in great detail, because they are not understood on a domestic level.......... I'm not a writer, I'm a researcher, I want the physical result of what happened, not the number of letters on a paper .... 

Thus, as of June 20, 2021, I do not have the time to write explanations of details to the 206 registered members who have sent a number of posts between 2 and 2356 (not counting those of the Guests).
I also do not have the time to intervene in the 399 topics of "Dyatlov Pass Forum -> Theories Discussion -> General Discussion".
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    My theory
In its present unfinished and imperfect state my theory (= explanatory hypothesis), needs to be presented in 3 parts.

1°) - Re: Lyudmila Dubinina's premonition of her tragic death
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 + Today EBE at 06:15:41 AM Reply #47

2°) - Aleks Kandr's appropriate essays which will need to be slightly adapted and expurgated (of some ridiculous astrological considerations).
( I am unable to translate Aleks Kandr - Автор Алекс К correctly into English because I do not know a word of the Russian language).
3°) - My posts on :  Altercation on the pas -> Altercation on the pass

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Most of my other previous posts remain valid with a few changes.;area=showposts;u=613

 The essential elements to remember
1) - There is one (or two ?) client, commander, sponsor who is an ex-NKVD officer of high rank from the Ivdellag.
The mentality and the motivations of the commander can only be understood if one has a little bit of knowledge over the destalinisation and of the internal conflicts in the USSR during the Thaw period (1953-1964).

2) - The  commander (without revealing his own identity ?) hired 3 mercenary killers (scoundrels recently released from a Gulag camp ?)
The 3 mercenaries were only armed with big sticks wrapped in rags and above all had no firearms (because the commander was cautious and did not trust them).
3) - In 10 hours of fighting the 3 mercenaries accomplished their mission which was :
  1) - To defeat and kill the 9 hikers
  2) - To bring back the eyes of Zolotariev and Dubinina, and also the tongue of Dubinina

4) - The 3 mercenaries had several advantages, which explains their final victory over the 9 hikers.
    •  The total surprise
    •  Elaborate tactics: alternating offensive and calculated tactical retreats
    •  Mental preparation to keep the initiative
    •  Training for the precision of the big stick shots in the darkness
    •  Know-how in deception, ruse and cunning for the exit from the tent and the descent towards the cedar (the use of a suffocating gas is also possible).

Optional bonus
On 3 February 1959 (as soon as they returned to Vizhay) the commander denounced (to the KGB), the 3 mercenaries still in possession of 4 human eyes and of a cut tongue........ Thus, on 6 February 1959, the KGB already knew how the hikers had been killed and detained the 3 murderers.

They would have had no access to their diaries if they were being held at gunpoint either before, during or after their deaths. This crime was not quick. The torture continued over a matter of many hours IMO. They would have def mentioned an altercation in their diaries if it happened pre-ambush. Since they didn't, it's good evidence for there being no fight on the pass until they were attacked.

I know this post is old but I'm confused. If Tumanov was the most recent prosecutor who was convinced in 2019 it was murder etc. etc, why did the final inquiry result with the conclusion of avalanche?? What the heck happened here?????  afraid7

Jean Daniel Reuss:

--- Quote from: ElizabethHarris on January 31, 2022, 05:20:49 AM ---    Reply #62
If Tumanov was the most recent prosecutor who was convinced in 2019 it was murder etc. etc, why did the final inquiry result with the conclusion of avalanche?? What the heck happened here?????  afraid7

--- End quote ---

I have replied yesterday to Sacha Kan ( Саша Кан ) to briefly tell him the reasons for the fierce and merciless attack that resulted in the death of the 9 hikers and to the mutilations of some of them.

 Jailers by helicopter; January 31, 2022, 01:06:01 AM --> Reply #12

The current government of the Russian Federation, whose president is Vladimir Putin, wants to give an appealing vision of Russia and the USSR in the 20th century.

"In search of a glorious national narrative, the Russian state prefers to ignore the crimes of the communist period. The rewriting of history is an essential aspect of Putin's ideology. "

This is obviously an impossible mission, because at least officially, between 1930 and 1958 (or 1961), there was the Gulag (chief administration of the camps) which was a horror, which leads to ridiculous positions because indefensible in respect of the historical facts now known.

This explains, as far as the DPI is concerned, this ridiculous official conclusion (of the avalanche).

Poor  Eduard Tumanov  is quite annoyed ... as he half-heartedly (hints) suggests in some of his interventions on Russian television and on the forum ""

The Gulag not only physically martyred the bodies of the prisoners in the camps, prisoners called ZEKS; but the Gulag had also  - what is less known - morally corrupted a small number of guards of all ranks by encouraging and developing their sadistic tendencies.


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