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Vladimir Askinadzi, the man who led the students' search group that found the den and the last four bodies, has agreed graciously to answer our questions in an interview that Oleg Taymen will organize and I will lead. The questions will be vetted at our sole discretion. Please read all that you can find since no repetitive questions will be allowed. If Vladimir Askinadzi has once answered a question we will not ask it again. Also please do not ask old stuff e.g. is the cedar cut off or did Zolotaryov wear the two watches. The answers are no and no. I am giving you a chance to participate in this interview but only because I am very thrilled by the opportunity and afraid to miss something important. Please read carefully these interviews for starters:
Vladimir Askinadzi. Selected passages from 10 years of correspondence with Galina Sazonova
Askinadzi answering questions - part 2
Askinadzi. Selected passages from letters - part 1
Vladimir Askinadzi interview 2012 - Maya Piskareva
Vladimir Askinadzi interview 2014 - Natalya Varsegova
"Chiken a la Otorten" - excerpts from Vladimir Askinadzi's personal archive and memoirs "We are the last of the Mohicans"
We still haven't confirmed a date when the interview will take place. Please write here your questions this by the end of the month (September 2023).

Anna, Askinadzi is against criminal version, he told me so. Please refrain from posting anything that is slightly referring to your book or version. I am serious.

In general, I will not ask Askinadzi what he thinks happened. He doesn't know what happened.
His recollections are good for facts, not speculations. Read his interview by Maya Piskareva, he says several times that he will not hypothesize.

Excellent. I do wonder if they get tired of being asked questions . Sounds respectful too.


--- Quote from: anna_pycckux on September 25, 2023, 11:02:28 AM ---What does my book have to do with it?
Here are all the links to V.M.A.'s questions and answers from the forum "About everything strange". On the website IN CONTACT, V.M.A. answers very specifically: "My version is MURDER!" Here's how he responded in large print.

--- End quote ---
Thank you. I will not repeat any of these questions.
He told me he no longer believes it's murder.
So to all of you - no murder questions.


--- Quote from: Teddy on September 25, 2023, 09:02:41 AM ---We still haven't confirmed a date when the interview will take place. Please write here your questions this by the end of the month (September 2023).

--- End quote ---

My question for Mr. Askinadzi would be: At the time when you were there, during the search, what did you see, or not see that others saw, or hear, or witness, or discover, that you were puzzled by, that opened a question in your mind, something that made you wonder, that you still think about? Of course, this could be many things, not just one.


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