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--- Quote from: Vietnamka on June 01, 2018, 11:12:03 PM ---
--- Quote --- -made new friends
- secret keeper?
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Sasha  hiked  the mount Sabliya (Sabre, Cабля),  Pre-Polar Ural, as a member of some Moscow's group. This is a difficult trek. 

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Galina, here even here you do not show precisely that it would be. On their travel in Subpolar Ural Mountains their primary goal was not «to get on mountain the Sabre», and an alloy on a raft on the river Synja. But on foot there it is necessary to reach for some honeycombs of km. Here as a point - a reference point Mountain the Sabre also has been entered in the route book.
Travel was not so much difficult (difficult it was), how many the unknown person in details. Here in it also there was a basic complexity of a route.

--- Quote from: Vietnamka on June 01, 2018, 11:12:03 PM --- I was just interested in finding information about this hike. Everything was structured in USSR and I was trying to find the club that could organize this trek.
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I explain: this campaign has been organised on the basis of the several organisations under a platitude of gathering of people which the club of Travellers of the Leningrad area of Moscow was at that time. In which territory was both "institute Bochvara" and "institute Kurchatova", factory №30 («a Znamja Truda»), P.O.Suhoy's KB, S. V.Ilyushin's KB, well and ours МАI, including. 10 … 15 years ago I was there the chairman of the Routing commission of this club.
In group where Kolevatov travelled there were people from "institute Bochvar" and "institute Kurchatov". But it is two absolutely different organisations. They from the different ministries. At them even sport clubs different - "institute Bochvar", it VSO "Trud", and "institute Kurchatov", it VSO "Dynamo".
Documents of 1950th years has not remained. Since then the club 3 times was reformed. So even by 1968 when I there was the chairman of the Routing commission, they any more were not. They could remain only at whom that of participants of this travel. Or to their children and grandsons.

--- Quote from: Vietnamka on June 01, 2018, 11:12:03 PM ---I coudn't. Then I thought - there is no information about ordinary groups, maybe it was not an ordinary one? May be it was a group of "secret keepers" who had  restrictions on contacts and did not belong to any ordinary sports organization? I began to look for memories of the tourism of people who belonged to this category. Bingo! I was right! I found the memories of a scientist about how they wanted to be engaged in tourism and then the director of a secret organisation helped them organize a tourist section which has been out of ordinary turists clubs.
 The director who support the tourism was Dmitriy Ivanovich Blohincev
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Yes, there was such person who very much supported travellers. But since 1956 it worked in Dubna of UINR, and before in Obninsk and the Moscow State Lomonosov University. Besides, at it the son was the inveterate traveller. But it had no relation to Kolevatov. Therefore it is not necessary to create unreal myths. In the rank of academician АН the USSR and the laboratorian of branch institute I have described a difference.

--- Quote from: Vietnamka on June 01, 2018, 11:12:03 PM ---,_%D0%94%D0%BC%D0%B8%D1%82%D1%80%D0%B8%D0%B9_%D0%98%D0%B2%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%87
Even now i can not find information about him in English))
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It does not mean that it confidential, it means that it simply is not present in English.
D.I.Blohintsev is the physicist-theorist. It not those «confidential physicists» who make nuclear bombs.

--- Quote from: Vietnamka on June 01, 2018, 11:12:03 PM ---I changed direction of searching a finally found the leader of that group. All members of the group worked in secret nuclear Institutes. Two of them ( including the
leader) were children  to their fathers)))
 The father of leader is... Blohincev Dmitiy Ivanovich
 The father of second one - Anatoly Alexandrov
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It especial does not mean anything too. Many leading scientists were inveterate travellers or climbers. For example Rem Khohklov - the climber and the rector of the Moscow State Lomonosov University , Even the prime minister of the USSR at Khruschev and Brezhnev by name Alecksey N Kosygin liked to float  kayaking float during holiday.
Both man - Leonid Dmitrievich Blohintsev and Yury Anatolevich Aleksandrov - worked at "institute Kurchatov" where Yury's father was at that time depty I. V. Kurchatov. It positively concerned hobby of the son, but any patron was not. It in general in clubs of travellers had no place. Another matter that both sons of academicians had good maintenance with money and other.

--- Quote from: Vietnamka on June 01, 2018, 11:12:03 PM ---It was a TOP of the very closed scientific secret elite, and Sasha was accepted.
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Once again I ask, it is not necessary to create « pudgy myths». D.I.Blohintsev and A. P.Aleksandrov with Kolevatov «for a hand did not greet» (they did not have close and friendly relations). Kolevatov there was the usual laboratorian which in Moscow at that time were ten thousand, and academicians АS USSR, were academicians. It is not necessary is artificial to create between them communications which did not exist.

--- Quote from: Vietnamka on June 01, 2018, 11:12:03 PM --- Duality. Why did he leave Moscow

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I already wrote, it has left Moscow to native to Sverdlovsk because it was more comfortable to live together with a family. It is very considerable factor. In Moscow Kolevatov had no special blessings. And the big prospect at Moscow his was not.


--- Quote from: Vietnamka on June 02, 2018, 11:08:02 AM ---
--- Quote from: CalzagheChick on June 01, 2018, 11:35:00 PM ---So do you think he had another handle by which he went? Are you suggesting that in Sverdlosk he was Kolevatov and in Moscow he was somebody else?

What was his degree in, I forget...but he was a scientist no less right?

How many years do you have in your research on all members and the DPI Galina?

--- End quote ---
1) duality. All the time I m feeling some duality about him.
2) about degree. It's very difficult to compare European and ussr education systems. Very simple answer for understanding: college - bachelor degree. Institute - master degree. It's mean he had a bachelor degree in metal production. He was going to get a master degree in radioactive metal production.

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1. If to compare the importance level of the graduate of technical school to level of the bachelor in Europe and the USA it is not absolutely correct. The bachelor it is a bit more than the graduate of technical school, both on level of knowledge, and by position in a society (everyone - in the). The engineer Soviet graduated from the institute (university) it a little above the master "in the west", but only on width of coverage of knowledge and ability to be retrained. "In the west", narrower, but deep specialisation on a certain direction. I have faced that there is few training in adjacent areas. For example, I am by training the mechanical engineer, but to the course of requirements of my business  have easily mastered electronics and applied to medicine technical areas (biomechanic). Mathematical preparation was additional, necessarily to be engaged mathematical modelling and was carried out on the basis of the Moscow State Lomonosov University.
2. Kolevatov was trained on physicotechnical branch UPI and there preparation was not only in the field of radioactive materials. For example, V.G.Karelin too has ended physicotechnical branch UPI and all life is engaged in physics and chemistry of reception of tungsten. It is completely not radioactive material. And as Kolevatov was only on 4 course, I am not assured that he has already chosen a direction in which it should specialise.
3. By the way, it is necessary to specify that scientists happen two different specialisations. The first are engaged in the fundamental science, the second - applied researches. Physicotechnical branch UPI prepared scientists only for applied specialisation.


--- Quote from: Vietnamka on June 03, 2018, 05:56:10 PM ---I do not assume that one of them has been responsible for the group's death. But knowledges of skills, experience and characters can help to understand what did they do during the last night.

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Galina, infinite digging in private life of participants of travel Dyatlov travel, it is a deadlock way to definition of the reason of their  destruction. Whom they would not be, it on what does not influence. The nature much more important and powerful factor what to lead them to death. All conspirology theories arise because their authors not a condition neither to imagine, nor to estimate a role at native factors. About it still Ch. Darvin said that: «Ignorance gives rise to confidence rather than knowledge is more often»©.
Without knowing features and details of ski tourism, without knowing features of a place in the winter, without knowing what errors and troubles searchers, and, especially, lawyers could admit when examined and described event, without knowing in general any details, say, weather and other to what you can come? Imaginations on this theme and so already more than enough. Can be better to pass to selection of the facts which already are up to the end clear and only on them to build assumptions? Though that you to what want to compare, if experts any are not present, and there are only rather muddy representations?
It is sad all.


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