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Intimate hygiene of the two girls


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Игорь Б.:

Лист 238, п.14, п.17

Игорь Б.:

--- Quote from: Charles on June 16, 2022, 11:06:01 AM ---the protocol of inspection of items found at the scene translated in English is different
--- End quote ---
Это не перевод другой, а протокол другой. Вы приводите протокол опознания вещей Юдиным. А есть протокол опознания вещей родственниками и знакомыми.

Игорь Б.:
Sheet 238
14. Underpants gray
17. Underpants blue, warm

Warm underpants do not mean knitted.


--- Quote from: Charles on June 16, 2022, 07:32:03 AM ---I just realized that the sum of panties was 3. Dubinina had 2 and Kolmogorova 1.  Kolmogorova didn't have spare panties. The journey was supposed to last 24 days. The cycle of the woman is 28 days... and the menstrual discharge lasts from 2 to 7 days. That is to say discharge begins from 28-2 to 28-7. From day 26 after departure from Sverdlovsk (and 2 days after return to Sverdlovsk) to day 21 after departure from Sverdlovsk and 3 days before return to Sverdlovsk.

The two girls should have had the end of menstrual discharge the same day, on Jan. 22, and for both of them, menstrual discharge should not have lasted more than 4 days... or else it happened during the trek...

I can understand that the standards of hygiene have changed a lot... But seriously, the two girls went on a trek, with physical effort, sweat, discomfort and there was only one spare panties for the two girls ??? It was in 1959, not 1859.

And no eau de toilette, no deodorant ? Only a piece of soap, they didn't even use every day (Dubinana wrote  "I told Rustic that I won't wash up due to lack of conditions.") In the evening, the smell in the tent the would have been absolutely awful, like a fox farm.

So how could Kolmogorova go for a 24 days trek without even a spare panties ? Are some clothes missing ?

PS: And the curtain sewed by the hikers was not to make a separation between the boys and the girls, there was no need of it, it was made to create an entry hall and spare the heat when entering or exiting the tent.

--- End quote ---


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