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October 25, 2023, 07:53:56 AM
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(Again, is there a way for me to send corrections to someone without posting them here for everyone to see?)
"This cut was made when the tent was found 26 Feb 1959 by Slobtzov (with his ice pick)"
Can we correct those errors? Spell name correctly, and change "with his ice pick" to "with an ice ax" so that it doesn't wrongly imply that the searchers brought anything with them to help chop ice. They used the ice ax that was already there, in the snow next to the tent entrance. I don't recall specifically that anyone said who used the ax. It might have been Sharavin, or might have been both. They chopped enough encapsulating snow off the tent top to get to the canvas, then cut a hole to see inside to be sure no survivors (or bodies) were there.