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Radiogram #146


I was pissing around on reddit today and a user mentioned Radiogram #146 that I've never caught onto before until now--double checking it out for myself. And it proved true:

Page 146 of the radiogram documents mentions specifically that Zinaida has a broken skull--the search and rescue team specifically notice and mention this above all other details. It's important enough to document back to their superiors. And yet there is zero mention of a broken skull in the autopsy report.

Obviously search and rescue aren't forensic pathologists. But a "broken head" is a pretty gruesome scene to come upon--very unforgettable. At this point in the mission there wasn't a whole lot of hush hush going on as the mission was search and rescue--not at all the bungled investigation that it turned into when all was said and done.

What a peculiar discrepancy indeed.

How would these student searchers be able to identify a broken skull on a frozen corps that looked much like Rustem when uncovered?  In-fact, how do we not know they confused Zina with Rustem?   

Unfortunately,  I cannot personally rely or assign credence to the radio massage. 


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