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Born on 12 Jan 1937, USSR, in village of Cheremhovo, Kamenskiy district, Chelyabinsk region (since 1942 - Sverdlovsk region).
She was a 4th year student at the UPI University as a Radio Engineering Major. She was an experienced hiker who had her share of difficulties. During one of her trips she was bitten by a viper. Despite pain and suffering she refused lighten her load, unwilling to cause hardship to others. She was very outgoing and energetic. People who knew her said that she was the "engine of the University". She was always full of ideas and was liked by everyone. As a result people were naturally drawn to her, especially children. Zina had exceptionally sociable character, and despite her popularity in school, she treated everyone with fondness and respect.
Zina Kolmogorova had gone to six expeditions. Four were of the second category of complexity – an intermediate level – and she was a always going to the treks leaded by Igor Dyatlov. Like Igor himself, Zina was interested in radio and studied Radio Engineering at the UPI. The two were always seen together. A photo of her was found later in his notebook. If she had any romantic feelings towards Igor, however, there’s not the slightest clue in her personal letter to him (dated 16 January 1959) from Kamensk where, she worked at a radio plant. In her letter, she only asks Igor to update her on how things were going with regard to the preparations for the expedition.

"Everywhere she went, she filled the place with the pleasant breath of her soul."  – Yuri Yudin
She was 22 years old when she died. Kolmogorova is buried on 9 March 1959 in Mikhailovskoe Cemetery.



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