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Author Topic: The damaged pic roll is accurate. Just as i claimed last year.  (Read 708 times)

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November 28, 2021, 10:38:47 PM
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interesting that you would give credit to Coral Hull as that was added after my post. hhhmmmmm
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November 30, 2021, 08:09:36 PM
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What's this all about? Please forgive me. I'm a little lost.
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November 30, 2021, 10:24:19 PM
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Im a private  researcher that has proved that a video,shown as a ufo , next to the international space station, and as pictured in colorado, usa , and the dyatlov pass "damaged roll" from this informative site match. to a tee. The mansi tribe was tresspassed on by the hikers and due to the soviet unions quest for technology, was performing underground nuclear tests, and as a result called a species of animal unknown until recently. its a singgle cell organism from the ordovivian period of time thats a rollover. aka cattle mutilattions which was proved to be the same by a forensic pathologist. lake baikal has been the centerpoint of about 50 unsolved murders of humans for years. theres 3 hiking events plus countless singular unsolved murders. the animals live there and that lake is sacred grounds to the mongols, mansi, and other tribes thruout time. moral of the story is if you tresspass into the hunting areas of the tribes the spirits come and get you. they protect the peoples that respected the lands and did not polute or kill off species and took enough to live and always offered there gods a share of there hunting expeditions. its blatently clear the dyatlov pass group tresspassed as its in the pics clearly marked on the trees. if you take that ufo video, remove the pieces and match them to the picture roll of the damaged camera, they knew they were in trouble and , they took pics of what happened to them. They were supposed to leave the sacred grounds and met danger and didnt respond well. only 2 or 3 were attacked while the others clearly hid in holes dug out with foilage and clothing on top. to protect themselves from a flying predator called by experimental tests of the soviet union. it was a storm brewing. i solved cattle mutilations first and knew this was a little more complex. moral of story, spiritual indiginous peoples of the area pray to dietys that protect them. they have respect for mother earth and all it gives. tresspass and die.
i detailed the flying animal down to its complete anatomy and am doing a peer reviewed write up on the subject. All the previous books and theories ignored that the chief investigator switched religeon to spiritual and the mansi have a right to not get **** on by people that tresspass. all these sites where people analyze bust me up as the main interviews always told the story, but people nowadays want a answer that meet there definition of religeon and science. im a agnostic when i do science. and the lake has been fought over for ages as you cant farm out there, aka its a food source for the locals. essentialy when you do a scooby doo investigation, you get scooby doo results. Ive worked with law enforcement and have solved quite a few mysteries that do not involve another human in the murder. i speculate people will continue to spin this for profit and will forget that about 50 humans, with families whom loved and miss them, would not be proud people make a living off this subject matter. pretty sick people out there. and ive seen analysis here in the forum and starting at the tent outwards is comical when you dont know the true backround of the region. the lake annd surrounding area, when the water levels were lower, housed the natives. many generations of natives. the history of the lake includes wanting to jamb a oil pipeline thru, a nuclear reacttor for power, and dont forget all that wonnderfull chlorine comine out of the paper factory. so while people are arguing who farted and how many buttons were on there shirt, i research the entirety of the area. i live in the middle of cattle mutilation country, surrounded by natives. they all concur with my results and americans cant understand basics like spirituality and esoteric planes, but count buttons. real research equals  real results. i have a hobby of breaking complex algorythems. like what the mansi scribed on the trees. im past this and work with codexs recently and from the past from the pyramids. The american govt and russia are aware of this and will never disclose the truth. why? cupcakes of the world would hate to realize they were powerless over this phenomena. my first video showed the anatomy of the arcellas, and law enforcement wanted me to tech them how to kill them. good luck as i prefer the animals over humans that destroy our planet. you can see my vids and i never changed my story from day one. Im skeptical about this sites intentions as people died. if this were your son or daughter, you would be sick to your stomach at the comments posted. i realize you cant control the masses. but this always was a murder investigation. that jackoff withe the book about cyclones should have his malibu house taken back as he was a fraud, as well as most all the theories. the chief investigator began studying the spiritual nature of ufos as a result. aka whatthe natives pray too. everytime i talk to a native, they call them spirits while others call them ufos. they say we talk to them, while here in america its an abdution. too many people are interested in selling headlines and no data makes sence. and never apoligize for asking a question as im quite sure this site is penetrated by a bunch of sheep looking for a headline and a answer that fits there profile. I moved on from this as it was solved last year , but i cant stand that people cant respect the dead or native grounds. kepp counting buttons. lol and go watch scooby doo.and thanks for the question. i am on tv and radio in south america and the uk region , but i could care less about money. i have morals and respect. cheers  mike kielty
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December 01, 2021, 02:56:19 PM
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Brilliant! That's it, case solved. The evidence all adds up. This theory needs its own board. or better yet, its own forum!

December 02, 2021, 06:27:08 AM
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December 30, 2021, 12:55:47 PM
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Bonsoir Gobelet
Des que j ai eu  connaissance de cette affaire j ai eu une tres etrange intuition celle que  la solution de cette affaire correspond etrangement à ce que vous dites. Je suis entierement d accord avec vous et notamment au sujet des peuples premiers. Les Mancis savent tout mais ne parlent pas. Nos  croyances repectives sont si  eloignees que l on ne peut  pas accepter l insoutenable verite sur cette terrible tragedie . Une question me taraude: quelle erreur fatale le groupe Diatlov a t il bien pu commettre?
Bien cordialement