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Was the tent set on the slope of Kholat or was it staged? Questioning why it was done will not go beyond an abstract effort unless it is proven. They were the heroes of this challenging adventure. I have 2 questions regarding the loose picture. It is said that this photo may not be from the last trip to Ortorten. When we look at the photo; away from the forest. we can agree that it is a barren ridge with a slope of at least 20° (consistent with the Kholat where the tent is located). Then I ask the following questions. A smart mountaineer; If he is not pitching a tent on a slope in this weather, should we say that a group of people, including Yuri, set up tents on a slope on his previous trip? (It must be a common situation) When this picture was taken; Is there anyone who did not participate in this trip but was from the trip where the photo was taken and said that this photo belongs to us? And the cover-ups took this picture from the archive of which family and included it in the case.? I don't know that the group is always made up of the same people)
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Игорь Б.

Эта фотография снята не на месте обнаружения палатки:
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