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Ski trip-expedition-2023 to the Dyatlov Pass from 12.03.23-24.03.23

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Олег Таймень:
From March 12 to March 24, 2023, a ski trip-expedition to the Dyatlov Pass is planned.
Route: transfer from Ivdel to Gaz-66 - Auspiya ford - Ilyich base - Chaikonur pass - Buranka along the watershed of Lozva and Auspiya - obelisk on the Dyatlov pass - storehouse of the Dyatlov group - MP of the Dyatlov group - cedar and the right fourth tributary of the Lozva - Buranka along the watershed of Lozva and Auspiya - Chaikonur pass - Ilyich base - Auspiya ford - drop to Ivdel
Goals and objectives:
1. Measurements and photography of the place of the Dyatlov Group Labaza. Conducting several experiments. Search on the terrain for points of relief and vegetation from the images of photographic films of the Dyatlov group. tasks at the request of Alexander Konstantinov (according to the list), search for a branchy birch from HD films, study of the logic of the parking lot, search for a gap for descent, etc.
2. Measurements of the distance and time of movement from Labaza to the MP of the Dyatlov group on the slope of Halatchakhl.
3. Measurements of snow depth and wind strength on MP
4. Overnight at the MP without a stove
5. Study of the slope avalanche hazard in the MP area
6. Climbing Halatchakhl.
7. Studying the steepness of the eastern slope of the Khalat Sakhl peak for injury risk during descent
8. Detailed study of blowings on the creek at the place of the deck and the four.
9. Measurements of the depth of snow at the locations of the bodies of the troika
10. Search for cuts on a birch according to Maslennikov, the depth of snow near the lying and living cedars (tasks at the request of Theodora)
11. Experiments with making a fire in the cedar area.
12. Experiments with a cave in a pressurized stream
13. Search for ice between the second and third ridges

Approximate daily itinerary:
1 day. Ford of Auspiya - Ilyich's base (if gas-66 can break through to Ilyich's base, then this day will be used for additional study of the MP and the slope)
Day 2 Base of Ilyicha - Chaikonur pass
Day 3 Chaikonur Pass - up to the forest zone under the Dyatlov Pass
Day 4 To the storehouse of the State Duma, study of the place and overnight
Day 5 Before MP and overnight
Day 6 Ascent to Halatchakhl and descent to the 4th tributary of Lozva
Day 7 measurements. Experiments.
Day 8 measurements. Experiments.
Day 9 measurements. Experiments.
Day 10 Dyatlov Pass - under the Chaikonur Pass
Day 11 To the base of Ilyich
Day 12 Base of Ilyich - ford of Auspiya
Day 13 Release on gas-66 to Ivdel
While I'm walking alone. Tickets have been bought, drop-off has been ordered, equipment for 1 person has been prepared.
Train from Yekaterinburg to Ivdel №127. Departure 03/11/23 at 17.28. Arrival in Ivdel 12.03.23. at 02.51. (Immediate transfer to gas-66.)
Those who wish can join. Since in March there is still a full-fledged winter in the mountains of the Northern Urals, there are two conditions:
1. You have experience in winter skiing.
2. You have proven self-contained gear and clothing for a multi-day winter ski trip.
Expedition expenses:
1. The price of railway tickets to Ivdel and back is individual for everyone. The cost can be found on the websites of the railway
2. Loading and throwing on gas-66 for 3.5 thousand one way (7-8 hours). The total price is 7 thousand per person. (settlement with the driver)
3. Food is purchased separately by each participant and costs slightly less than what you spend on food at home when visiting grocery supermarkets.
There are no other expenses.
Day trips are not long (12-16 km.), because I have a lot of search and filming equipment and non-tourist skis. Skis wide forest with skins. They can't move fast. Such skis are needed to examine the storehouse and 4 tributaries of the Lozva in deep snow.
The clothes are primitive Chinese or Russian, as close as possible in terms of parameters to the clothes of the Dyatlov group.
A two-layer wind-resistant summer tent, a synthetic winterizer sleeping bag with an additional thin condenser that protects against moisture
In this sleeping bag I sleep dressed, without night stove heating.
Food is normal. 530 grams per person per day. (500 grams of sublimates, carbohydrates and fat, 30 grams of alcohol)
Hiking without a satellite phone and the ability to call for help for two reasons:
1. The situation is as close as possible to the campaign of 1959, where it was not possible to call for help.
2. No satellite phone
Registration with a message about the timing of the return to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ivdel will be.
I will add more detailed information in Russian here: https://dyatlovpass1.ru/viewtopic.php?id=71#p451

Олег Таймень:
Minor changes on the expedition to the Dyatlov Pass. The start and finish will be in Ushma, as the GAZ-66 will not go further. The road was covered with snow. The route is extended by 72 kilometers and 3 days. Added 4 walking days and minus one day of exploration at the pass. You can still join the expedition. There is time to prepare. Start March 12th. Details at the link:

Олег Таймень:
Fourth day of the trip. Climb to the obelisk

Олег Таймень:
Sixth day of the trip. Ascent to the pass from the storehouse

Олег Таймень:
Tenth day of the trip. Ascent from the stream in the ravine to the ridge.
The video will become available on April 1, 2023 at 14.00 Moscow time


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