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Winter expedition to the Dyatlov Pass 2025


Олег Таймень:
At the end of January, beginning of February, an autonomous winter sports and research expedition to the Dyatlov Pass is planned.
Head: Oleg Taimen.
Goal: to spend seven days at the Dyatlov Pass and carry out a number of significant experiments, the results of which will lift the veil of secrecy about this tragedy of 1959.
Dates: from January 25 to February 9, 2025 (16 days)
January 25, meeting in Yekaterinburg and boarding the train to Ivdel.
January 26 at 3.00 arrival in Ivdel and boarding a GAZ-66, Ural or Uaz. Transfer to the Mansi village of Ushma. If you can’t go to Ilyich’s base on the same day, then spend the night with Valery Anyamov at the camp site.
January 27, transfer on snowmobiles (trough surfing) to the Ilyich base. Overnight in a house or tents with a stove.
January 28, crossing the Buranka (snowmobile track) on foot through the Chaikonur Pass (12-13 km.)
January 29, trekking along the Buranka (snowmobile track) on foot and on skis to the upper reaches of the Auspiya to the site of the Dyatlov group’s storage facility. (12-13 km.)
January 30, exploring the site of the storehouse, visiting the parking lot named after Yu.K. Kuntsevich. Search for the winter camp of search engines in 1959.
January 31, skiing up to the outcropping with the obelisk. Transition to the site of the Dyatlov group’s tent. Setting up the camp. Strengthening the camp with snow blocks and ropes with anchors.
February 1st carrying out snow measurements, experiments...
February 2 carrying out snow measurements, experiments...
February 3, descent to the cedar, setting up camp.
On February 4, taking snow measurements, studying and experimenting.
February 5, crossing the pass and walking/skiing under the Chaikonur Pass.
February 6, transition to Ilyich’s base. Overnight in a house or tents with a stove.
February 7, moving on snowmobiles (trough surfing) around the village of Ushma. Overnight with Valery Anyamov at the camp site. Bathhouse.
February 8, transfer to the Ivdel railway station. Boarding the train to Yekaterinburg.
February 9th arrival in Yekaterinburg.
February 1 and 2, meeting and interaction with the Fedotov-Korolev expedition on the slope of Mount Khalatchahl. Collaborative experiments and videos.
We will be glad to have fellow travelers who will join us. (the expedition will take place even if there are only 2 participants. They already exist)
The total mileage that will be covered on foot or ski is only 55 km. No more than 13 km per day.
A prerequisite is to have touring skis and individual expedition sleds. The participant drags the entire load not on his shoulders, but in a sleigh. There will be a limited weight limit for backpacks with personal belongings and equipment (otherwise you will not complete the stated mileage). Requirement for the presence of tourist clothing in accordance with the list of recommended items. (there will be several preliminary video calls on this topic). Since the project is low-budget, every 2-3-4 participants must have their own separate tent with a stove. (it can be bought or rented in any major city in Russia).
Who is not ready to walk 13 km autonomously? per day or who cannot afford a long expedition, you can join the shorter Fedotov-Korolev expedition, where you will be taken to the Dyatlov Pass on snowmobiles. And they will take you back the same way. Contact this group https://vk.com/pereval_travel, where Alexander Fedotov and Alexey Korolev are on the list of administrators..
All those who still want to join us, but are not ready for active autonomous movement - you have the option of ordering an individual snowmobile for transportation and drop-off to and from the Dyatlov Pass. In this case, a low-budget option for a hike will cost you twice as much. On this issue, write in a personal message https://vk.com/piarreklama47
The same topic on the Russian-language forum: https://dyatlovpass1.ru/viewtopic.php?id=287#p3003
Link to video of the past winter expedition - 2024 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYXGTlOLpQ4skNRcIkwdnG81Vgxg2nHc_

Олег Таймень:
List of participants:
1. Oleg Taimen, Novokuznetsk - expedition leader
2. Olga Taimen - organizer
3. Stanislav Evdokimov, St. Petersburg - organizer
4. ...
5. ...

Олег Таймень:
List of tasks and experiments:
1. ...
2. ...
3. ...


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