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Expedition to Dyatlov Pass thoughts.

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I think the forum would enjoy knowing what particular objectives are on the list for the next expedition. I think the forum would love to weigh in on making suggestions for objectives.

For me, an expedition searching for physical artifacts makes the most sense. Next, an exercise in measuring distances against time would be helpful in order to rule in or rule out possibilities. Third, if any Mansi lore has developed around the event, it is worth noting and reporting.

Excellent questions, Glenn.
I have copied your post to the "Winter 2025 Expedition" under the subject heading "Expeditions to the Dyatlov Pass" also.

An expedition might benefit from the addition of a librarian. By this I mean someone both willing and able to find answers in the halls of records from Vizhay to Moscow. Campfire discussions will surely raise questions that need verification. Artifacts too will need authentication. Teddy could use an ally or two to lighten her burden. An on site librarian would enjoy being there to hear the questions and see the sights.

Since much has been made of geology and the link between distant blasting and a fallen tree, is there anything on or around 1079 to support proximity blasting ( to weaken an already unstable tree)? A geologist would be a welcome addition to the team.

To all members of the forum, you can check this topic to be notified, I will soon pour my soul. I am in the midst of planning how to get my ass back to the pass.
GlennM, thank you for opening the subject, but what do you mean librarian, geologist? What language, what nationality, who is paying for this dream team? I don't have money to get myself three years in a row, although I have very clear idea what to do now.
No foreigner is allowed in any archives. At the moment, not even Russians are. Even if you are, you need to know what are you looking for. And what is that?
I am currently sitting on the geology reports Igor Pavlov found (we published only some relevant pages), because I was warned that I may not get a visa. You think anyone is allowed now to rummage in documents, especially the ones that contain maps?
When you go to the pass for the first time, you are overwhelmed by your survival instincts. It takes 4-5 expeditions to find your bearings.
I didn't mean to open my mouth before I am ready to talk, but you pinched a nerve.
On an expedition it is much more useful to have someone that can lit a fire, pitch a tent, not mind the mosquitos that can bring down a drone, fight a bear, walk 3 weeks in rubber boots through swamps with 70 lbs on his back, handy with a metal detector etc.
Also a link between distant blasting and a fallen tree was never what we had in mind. I always said - the tree fell because it was time to fall.
Why did someone moved the bodies is a mystery. We are pointing a finger to the people that were working there.
My goal is to prove that there was a geologists' activity nearby, not that there is any link between their blasting and the fallen tree.
I don't believe there was.

Don't get me wrong, I am not just criticizing, I am loaded with ideas, but I need to keep in touch with reality. I have to be able to pull it off.
And this time I will ask for help.

Teddy, thank you for a well worded response. Thank you of wanting this thread to be a portal for expedition related discussion. You stated in another thread that on your last expedition, other explorers were looking clues other than your fallen tree theory. I suggest librarian and,geologist for their skills,,such as actually accessing archives etc.

An expedition member with no skills would be a burden to others. I'm glad you make this clear for armchair experts.Is the forum a good place to set forth participant requirements? I believe you have done so in a general way.

Good,luck,with your tree fall theory. It will take some real effort to get under it to find tent, poles, firepit and anything else. Soundsmlike block and tackle work plus big levers.

Perhaps a geologist in your expedition might know how to get to other geologists who may know something to share in privacy.

I have heard that Saudi Arabians who become interested in things tend to be well funded.


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