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Everyone and Teddy:

Okay, I read everyone reply and  I realize I didn't view all the photos and I'm talking about previous years with all 9 hikers....and the holes are consistent with holding the tent up with 'POLES"....don't know if it is the same "Tent"...
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Please if anyone could clarify what did Lyuda meant (copied and paste) in the Unknown Diary, Lyuda stated there are some many holes in the tent...and what I'm talking about is "Cuts" of the Tent and the "Holes" in the tent???

Lyuda quickly got tired and sat down by the fire. Nick Tibo changed his clothes. He began to write a diary. The law is that until all the work is done, do not approach the fire. And so they had a long argument, of who will sew the tent. Finally K. Tibo gave up and took a needle. Lyuda remained seated. And we sewed the hole (and there were so many that there was enough work for all except two attendants and Lyuda. Guys are terribly outraged.

Kathleen Dee Smith

Due to 1. aging, and/or 2. bad/wet storage, and/or 3. friction/tension during handeling, the seams of the tent may/might have partly warn out.

Personally I have thought that these holes had been caused by wear of an older tent, like wear/aging of clothing the seams make come loose.

Before addrssing the business of who got in a snit about sewing a patch on a tent, it would be better to know who wrote the diary. It can not be that hard. There are handwriting samples for all.

Next, this inquiry about patching the tent is leading and of no significant intrinsic value.. I think the sub rosa intent is to argue for some sort of protest and revolt at a critical juncture. 

On the whole, I get the feeling that gender equality was an issue on the hike with the younger generation, but not Zolo who was past that nonsense.. In a mixed group like the DP9, the undercurrent of sexual tension produces frustration which begets aggression.  To sublimate the sexual urges, there is much intellectualization and petty power plays evidenced in the diaries. For example, lets go see a romantic movie as many times as we can and then have an " adult" conversation about love and romance etc. It is not the same between the sexes. but the charade must constantly be reinforced by making rules and obeying them. Someone will likely become the altruistic punisher in the group. There are dozens of names we give to that sort of person, most are not nice.

Then,  this is thread is leading to the idea that it wasn't weather, assasins nor critters that precipitated their leaving the tent for the woods. It was, instead a " hissy fit" leading one or more people to go storming off out of the tent poorly dressed to pout. Eventually they all left the tent and collected themselves as a group. They did not go back. We know what followed. If true, it was easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than a needle through a canvas patch.


--- Quote from: GlennM on April 26, 2024, 04:22:15 PM ---Before addrssing the business of who got in a snit about sewing a patch on a tent, it would be better to know who wrote the diary.

--- End quote ---
maybe it was Dyatlov's diary. In old inet materials (hibinafiles) it belongs to Dyatlov.

So. why prosecutors decided that it is Kolmogorova's diary?

Everyone and Teddy:

I'm not talking about anything about "Sexual",  what I'm talking about was the "Sewing".... difference of "Tent being "Cut"....
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Kathleen Dee Smith


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