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Ok folks.  A new section requires a first subject thread!

This was one I came across a while back.   Have you guys heard of it, and what are your thoughts?

Boys From Yuba City.....  considered Americas version of DP.  This one is..... bizarre

I have recently come across this mystery but the facts are so odd that it required too much brain power at the time to figure out who was who and who done what.

Well its a while but seeing as how the Dyatlov Pass Mystery is rolling on with more and more speculations and now the re opening of the case perhaps we should be looking at other MYSTERIES in case they can throw any light on our subject.  Obviously we dont want to overdo it because this is the Dyatlov Pass Forum. Anyway my initial thoughts are that there is a feeling that this is very much in the Dyatlov Pass Mystery mold. So how come there is not more proper research on the matter  !  ?  I would have thought that being the USA we would have FORUMS and SITES galore on this particular mystery. Also what about the Criminal Case !  ? Whats going on with that. We would need to know the exact weather conditions at the time, including temperatures. Exact Post Mortem info. Photos of the scenes were the bodies were found. And so on. 

I finally caught up with this one:
Yuba County Five
Пятерка из Юбы
5 'Boys' Who Never Came Back
Out in the cold
Friends With a Snowy Fate

--- Quote from: KathleenDSmith1 on June 29, 2023, 11:00:34 PM ---Teddy/Loose Cannon

What does this case have to do with Dyatlov Pass, non of the 9 Hikers had Mental Disabilities, that Dyatlovia Forum is not aware of.

Where a the "American Dyatlov Pass" these men have a mental disability and were on "Psych Meds" that no one can guess the mind of a person under the influence of Drugs, especially "Psychotic Drugs"...All we know is the missing man could have went into a psycho frenzy and killed everyone and have himself committed into a Psychotic Facility, which in American ...Patient are protected by HIPAA Law (Medical) and in such facility workers /Doctors/Nurses are not to allow anyone to know if the particular person/Patient is register as a Patient...

Kathleen Dee Smith

--- End quote ---

What do you think? is there a common numerator between the two cases? Why are they calling it the American Dyatlov Pass?

Teddy/Loose Cannon

Please don't forget Dyatlov paid membership/Donations to What you and Loose Cannon do for the Dyatlov Pass Forum, Also ...

Kathleen Dee Smith


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