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I see Evening Otorten №1 gets mostly dismissed as a joke by most people.  It shouldn't be dismissed so easily.  Jokes have a basis in reality.  That's what makes them funny.   Take the rest of the document for instance, it appears to be full of inside jokes. 

A team of radio technicians including comrades Dorcschenko and Kolmorogorova set a new world record for portable stove assembly 1 hour 2 minutes, 27.4 seconds.

Of course nobody was timing them with a stop watch down to the tenth of a second, and I'm sure it didn't take them an hour.  They fumbled around for maybe 10 or 15 minutes to do a 3 minute job and got it done in the end.  Dyatlov seems to suggest that technical people such as radio experts maybe should have been able to do it quicker, and he made a joke out it.  I'm sure something like that happened.   

Tourist Sledge.

Good while riding on trains, by car or on horseback. Not recommended for freight transport while on snow.  For further information contact chief constructor com.(rade) Kolevatov

It's highly likely earlier that morning that Kolevatov tried to fashion some kind of crude sled he could pull behind himself so he didn't have to carry his pack on his back.  It obviously didn't work and he gave up and put his pack back on his back. Perhaps they had seen a Mansi hunter pulling a properly constructed one.  Again, something that probably happened.  I bet if the searchers had looked for it, they would have found the sled, a few miles back down the trail. 


on the topic of "love and tourism" takes place in the daily on the tent premises...

Dyatlov's diary actually makes reference to that very thing: "... We sang and sang, and no one even noticed how we started to discuss love issues, talking about kisses in particular. We talked all kinds of nonsense, of course; everyone was interested, everyone wanted to speak out, eventually trying to out-shout each other and prove their own opinion..."
Kolmgorovas' diary says:  "...The whole evening there was a discussion about love about friendship, about dances and other things..."

A joke, but not really.  They were doing that very thing.   


Greeting the XX1 convention of increased birthrate among tourists

The Soviets were always holding party conventions on one subject or another.  This was an obvious parody of that.  I don't want to make any accusations...  But did somebody get caught trying to put the lessons learned in the Philosophical Seminar into actual practice?  Or did somebody maybe suggest it might be a good idea to try to prove some of the theories?  That's an inside joke only the members of the expedition might have known the answer to.   But highly likely based on some sort of true story unfortunately we'll never hear.


Did they actually see one?  We'll probably never know.  Did they see a person who they might have mistaken for a yeti?  That's possible.  Did they see a person and somebody made a joke about that person being a yeti?  Also possible.  Did some practical joker try to prank the rest of the group with a crude Yeti costume?  That's possible too.  What the entry does seem to suggest is that the topic was being discussed that day.    For some unknown reason we can only speculate on, the were talking about Big Foot.   Then later that very night, they all die mysterious and violent deaths.

Do we know for sure that the two are related? No.  But it is odd isn't it?  The coincidence.   If I had to guess, somebody or some thing was sneaking around.  And they did possibly photograph him/her/it, in Frame №17 from Thibeaux Brignolle's camera.    That the person was a yeti, was probably put forth as a joke by somebody.  That "yeti" came back later on that night and got a little closer.  If they were being followed it might explain why Thibeaux-Brignolle and Zolotarev were dressed and outside.  They were lookouts.   That footprint evidence seems to indicate they seemed not to run from the tent, but rather did so in an orderly fashion suggests they might have been marched away from it, as in, at gunpoint, by obviously not a yeti.    That tourists were known to carry guns on some of these trips is established by the story of Dubinina being shot by accident during a similar hike in 1957.  And that brings us to Yuri Yudin, the only survivor, the one who left before it started, apparently due to sudden illness. 

We know the group members were discussing sex, and love, and relationships, seemingly quite often the entire trip.  They might have even been engaging in it  in some cases.  8 young single males, 2 young single females.  That's a recipe for having a few odd men out, and we know how some boys can be in a situation like that.  According to Lyuda Dubinina's diary entry of Jan 28:   

"...Yuri Yudin goes back home today. It is a pity, of course, that he leaves us. Especially for me and Zina, but nothing can be done about it..."

It seems Yuri Yuden was a favorite of the two single ladies.   The same day Zina Kolmogorova records in her diary:

"...Last night the boys made stupid jokes. In my opinion, if we don't pay attention to them, maybe they will be less rude..."

At least some of, "Philosophical Seminars," seemed to have gotten out of hand at times, and the girls apparently didn't like it.  The evening of the 27th, the day before Yudin's early departure appears to be one of those occasions.  We don't know the exact pairings involved here,   but the narrative seems to suggest not all were happy about the, "Philosophical Seminars," and their outcomes. But we do know at least two people were less than thrilled with them.  Who knows who else got jilted or offended that night.  Perhaps Yuri Yudin.   

The year was 1959.  Morals were pretty tight for public consumption in the USSR.   But we also know they were pretty depraved behind the scenes.  It is well known that Soviet era prostitutes charged one of two rates, 3 or 5 rubles.    5 for the particularly young and pretty ones.   Casual sex was so common in the USSR nobody would pay for  what they could get for free any time they wanted.  Are we really sure we even know what these tourist trips were really all about?  Were they just innocent hikes in the forest, or more like the Soviet version of trips to a sex resort club for a 3 day orgy?  I know they never would have printed that detail in Tass back then.   Naturally they would have claimed that both women were as virgin as the fresh fallen snow to make sure anybody who may have heard the rumors knew enough to keep their mouths shut.  Maybe it's time to ask some of these, "tourists," what they were really doing out on these things while they are still alive. 

Yuri, Yeti, strikingly similar.  I bet the group knew Yuri was out there stalking them.   I bet that's him in the photo.  For my money, Yuri Yuden got the cold shoulder from Dubinina in particular, and the rest of the group in general.   He was told to go home.  Instead he followed them into the woods, confronted them all in the middle of the night at gunpoint.  Beat them to death and half to death, saving the worst for Dubinina.  He cut out her lying tongue and gouged out her eyes so she could never look at another man, probably one in particular.  That man was Zolotaryov, who also had his eyes gouged out.  Likely for the same reason.   Then he left them all to die.

 If there is a new investigation, I bet that's where it's going.   One more question to ask...  are we really sure those were all the pictures?  Or were there maybe a few more no upstanding Soviet would have wanted to see?                 



Yuden and Lyudmila Dublinina, photographed just before Yuden went home.

I'm old enough to remember the old Soviet days.   And I remember on seeing on TV when Leonid Brezhnev used to hug and kiss another comrade on both cheeks as was the custom back in those days.  It was done stiff and rigid and very formal, I guess you could say.  But also very forceful.  Look at Yudin here.  He looks as if he doesn't even want to touch her.  The hand on her back is barely touching her if it is at all.  The hand in front isn't touching Dublinina at all.  That's not a hug.  That's a guy who is avoiding being hugged but going along with it sort of for the cameras. 

To me that photo seems to suggest tension.  Like a, we can still be friends, sort of thing.   Note the closed lip smile from Dublinina.   The closed lip smile tends to show somebody is hiding something, or that they're apprehensive about the situation and are uncomfortable.   Yuri on the other hand looks like he's trying way too hard to smile.     

Star man:
Really can't see how one man Could beat seven other men and two women to death and torture them.  Even if he had a gun.

I haven't been able to find anything specific about Yuri's alibi, but I would presume that as incompetent as the investigators were, they would bother to check that Yuri did actually come back to Vizhay.

And Ludmila's injuries couldn't have been caused by a beating anyway.

Star man:

--- Quote from: Puchiko on February 09, 2019, 07:24:33 AM ---I haven't been able to find anything specific about Yuri's alibi, but I would presume that as incompetent as the investigators were, they would bother to check that Yuri did actually come back to Vizhay.

And Ludmila's injuries couldn't have been caused by a beating anyway.

--- End quote ---

No Luda's injuries to her chest was caused by a one off very high speed high force impact.  Between 2 and 2.7 tonnes of force.


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