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Traces on the Dyatlov pass and a few words about the bigfoot version

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Ski tracks... in the snow.... look fast...  lol2

And when did Bigfoot get a hoodie and start wearing baggy pants with folds over leggings?    At least he has a Yeti brand packpack?

track hunter:

--- Quote from: Star man on August 30, 2019, 04:53:47 PM ---

The foot prints are something that I have been interested in.  After reviewing the case files I found it very odd that there is so little forensic evidence associated with the foot prints.  Especially given that the search team were given specific instructions to focus on them.  I would have expected foot print matching with the each of the Dyatlov group as a minimum.  But nothing.

The photographs of the prints you have posted are interesting, but there is no real scale in the photo to use for size and distance measurement.  How have you estimated the foot stride and foot size?

Another aspect of the prints that I have speculated on is those prints that have deviated away from the main group and then are said to rejoin the group.  There is no time stamp on these prints so I myself speculated whether these prints were made by the "thing" that attacked the group?  They could have been the prints of the attackers following behind the group or even have been attacking the group as the descended the slope?  The dropped flashlight 450 metres from the tent.  Why did they not stop to pick this back up?

The photograph is interesting also.  If they had seen that in the photo and thought it was a Menk then I would have expected them to have written something in their diaries?  Unless they didn't see it, or just one of them had seen it and after telling the others they made a joke about it and wrote in the "Evening Otorten"?

I have been focussing on the injuries of the group and in particular those found in the ravine.  Thibo's head injury is identical in shape to the ball of a thumb on a hand.  As weird as it appears, it seems like something with a very large hand (30cm long) has crushed his skull applying a force in excess of 450 kg.  When you combine this with Lyuda and Semyon's flail chest it is very unlikely that a human could have inflicted those injuries and it is also unlikely that they were a result of a fall or accident.  I can see a pattern to injuries that suggest that the victims have been knocked to the ground and beaten with massive blows.  Possible dragged around a bit too.  This is typical of an ape like attack.


Star man

--- End quote ---
I already wrote why people can’t walk like that. In addition, the search engines mentioned a step 1.5 meters long and a large bare foot. In addition, the dimensions are visible to the naked eye. This is not only my opinion, but also the opinion of my friends hunters and biologists. These traces do not belong to human.

There is an opinion that the flashlight was left for a guide in the dark to return later. But I do not consider details that were not related to death, because they could leave the lantern as a landmark in the dark, but could just lose. And I don’t see the point in divination. Their task was to go down into the forest, first of all to make a fire in order to wait and scare away the beast.

Of course they would write about it and write a lot.  Please, do not forget that most diaries and entries are missing and not only. In my opinion, all the important evidence was hidden from the public. And no one really knows what was written in "Evening Otorten." We have supposedly a copy, not the original.

Of course, no avalanche, collapse of snow or falling on stones could cause such injuries. There is nowhere to fall, there are no steep cliffs at the stream. Injuries were caused by force that acted selectively on a particular person. It should be noted that there were no external skin lesions at the site of fractures. As for the injuries, I agree with you, but I have a slightly different look. No need to look for difficulties, everything is explained easier. Tibo had not just a blow, but a pressure. And most likely the base of the palm from the little finger. Lyudmila has a fracture from the 2nd to the 7th ribs. This is the approximate width of the killer’s palm. Application Mechanism - Impact + Pressure.

In addition, I personally talked with Askinadzi. And Bienko inadvertently blabbed about the details of the death of four. I quote "Kolevatov was at the cedar and heard screams at the stream. At that moment he was at the cedar. There was snow to the waist and when he came down to them, he helped them to the very end." Interesting information is not it? Such details can only be in the first person, namely Kolevatov who managed to write it in his diary. And of course, the diary was not shown to us. Also, in a letter to Bardin Masslennikov said that the group of Dyatlov "retreated." Surely this information is not known to you, but it is.

I will say right away. I will ignore comments with a mockery.

Star man:
It is interesting.  Do you have any additional information?


Star man

Star man:

--- Quote from: Loose}{Cannon on August 30, 2019, 05:23:30 PM ---And when did Bigfoot get a hoodie and start wearing baggy pants with folds over leggings?    At least he has a Yeti brand packpack?

--- End quote ---

This is a much more interesting photo than frame 17.  First impression is that it looks similar to the Patterson footage.  I think it needs more detailed analysis. 

I can’t see the hoodie or the ski tracks.  Also the figure is off to the side of the shot which makes it appear that it was not the reason for taking the photo.  It also makes you wonder why Krivo was taking all these shots of the forest.  Interesting.


Star man


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