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The Patterson Film


I often see a reference to this well known film as a basis for what a bigfoot should or should not look like, move like etc.  Its thought to be some kind of 'standard' if you will and often considered by believers as definitive proof.  I have been down the Petterson rabbit hole since I was a kid, and unfortunately its a hoax.  The man in the suit was Bob Heironimus, and the costume was made by a man named Philip Morris and his wife who sold the costume to Patterson.  Everyone in town knew it was Bob walking in that suite because he walks just like that etc. People are shaped differently, and Bob has stalky legs that are about the same length as his arms... and that knuckle dragging walk.  Many cryptozoologists and believers alike simply refuse to acknowledge this truth because it directly refutes their agenda.

 There isnt even anything particularly special about the dimensions of the alleged 'creature' compared to a human as seen below.  In addition, many like to rely on the appearance of Patty (what they named Bob in a costume) to having breasts. This is in no way shape or form proof of anything as we all know if you can make a costume, you can make one with breasts... its that simple. 

Hear it from the man himself.... 

Just 20 years later, there was no need for shaking film shot a quarter mile from the subject.  Just because its on film does not make it true or have any basis in fact.   nose1


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