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Are the basic facts of the 1993 Korovina group incident well established?

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Let's start with my understanding.  They began on August 2 and all but one died on August 5, and the autopsies led to the conclusion the dead were killed by hypothermia and something about malnutrition?  I want to clear up the point about some form of malnutrition, because it's supposed to take about two weeks for this to occur, and I'm assuming they ate well up until August 2.  What was the basis of the malnutrition claim (what was found during the autopsies)?  Could there be some sort of translation issue (I don't speak nor read Russian)?  Thanks.

This site mentions "protein deficiency".

When I read about that incident I assumed "malnutrition" is mistranslation of "food poisoning", but it's harder to imagine that protein deficiency is mistranslation...

Symptoms are really strange
* sudden foaming from the mouth - could be due to some form of irritant they breathed in
* clutching their throats - same
* sudden bleeding from the ears - unusual unless there's skull injury, but that wasn't the case
* tearing off their own clothes - again some irritant in the air?The fact there is a survivor apparently in good health all but rules that out though....

Some interesting theories here:
Eating poisonous mushrooms, drinking contaminated water, and... nerve agents...

I published information about this incident here: https://dyatlovpass.com/hamar-daban

There are man made Russian and ENGLISH subtitles to this video (switch from Settings)

Thanks, Teddy, but would you mind summing things up for us: do you think lack of food (or protein-rich food) is a possible issue here, because that doesn't seem consistent with eating little for only a few days?  I would guess that food poisoning, possibly of different toxic plants, could have been a factor, though we can't be sure (and like Manti I was wondering about a mistranslation of some kind).


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