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It could be that Nik cut the rear exit and then was clubbed.  That would explain no one else getting a chance to pick up a knife once Seymon was attacking through either the main entrance or the rear slit exit.  Maybe Igor tried to grab the jacket but was rushed and Seymon grabbed it or knocked him down.  Okay, that's enough from me.   thanky1

This is such a fascinating story. But this makes the most sense to me. It ties up all the loose ends, and answers all the questions. The injuries are explained. The clothing, or lack of, is explained. The pattern of the footprints is explained. I don't think Semyon's family will be happy to accept this theory, and it is probably impossible to prove, and I apologize to Semyon if he is innocent, but it sure does make a lot of sense. 

I can believe that Semyon could have been threatening and intimidating enough to totally dominate the situation at the tent. He was the soldier, he was back in his super survivor soldier-mode which would have been very scary. He was a bomb about to explode. I believe he could have taken on seven untrained fighters who were groggy from sleep, and in shock. He had them leave the tent one at a time which gave him a huge advantage. He could attack each individually. Each one had to step out of the tent and face him completely alone. And even when in a group out in the open, no one wants to be the first to receive a blow from a crazy man with an ice axe who knows how to kill and will do it.   explode1


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